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Executive Committee

Thursday, September 22, 2003, 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Lynn Wiley, Beth Woodard; Visitors – Beth Sandore, Karen Schmidt


1. Global Resources Project – K. Schmidt, Sandore

Karen and Beth came and discussed the project in detail. The project has a .5 FTE funded librarian position. The half-time position entails being a liaison with both librarians working in this area, with technical people such as web designers for the center and with the center. This includes outreach to the community, linking center resources with campus needs.


The committee decided to move forward with filling the position, but asked that Paula, Beth and Karen write a job description detailing expectations and reporting lines. This will then come back to EC for approval.


2. Approval of Minutes from 9/11

Minutes were approved.


3. Question Time

S. Clark is on Joe Straw’s Peer Review Committee. She will be retiring right before his Q review. At the next meeting EC will talk about who should replace her on his Committee.


There should be a broader discussion that includes the Stacks Reconceptualization Report, making the best use of space, how does user behavior fit into this report? This should be a separate forum from the Faculty meeting. The discussion should cover how users are using our materials and space issues. Paula will discuss this with Bob and Karen.


4. Process for evaluating division position requests

All requests, vetted and prioritized by Divisions, are due in 230 Library by 5pm on Friday, October 17 (earlier submissions will be welcome). The Executive Committee will begin its review on Monday, October 20.


The criteria that will be used to determine the choices include:


Accreditation requirements

Previous commitments

Unit head responsibilities

Impact on service, with substantiating quantitative data where possible

Uniqueness of expertise

Emphasis on the needs for today and tomorrow, not the needs for yesterday

Cross divisional reassignments are encouraged


5. Honorary degree nomination

The members will think about possibilities and bring them back to the next meeting.