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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 25, 2003


428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Beth Woodard


1.    Review and approval of minutes from August 14

       Approved with changes.


2.    Election of Vice Chair and Secretary

       Beth Woodard was elected Vice Chair and Lisa German was elected Secretary.


3.    Question Time

       Could the members use a shared drive file for attachments instead of emailing attachments? Janis is not currently able to access the shared drive, but Systems will be contacted to give her access.


       CITES charges the individual or University Account to have files recovered. EC approved a policy for the Library to reimburse faculty if they need CITES to restore their files.


       EC affirmed the right for all library faculty to be on the Senate Committee on the Library or on any faculty committee.


4.    Planning for the coming year

·          5 th year evaluation for the University Librarian

·          Cross-campus initiatives

·          Develop a process for filling/creating faculty positions.


5.    Question regarding whether library meetings are open to observers

       EC will draft a policy regarding observers at meetings.


6.    Appointment of Parliamentarian and Colloquium Committee

       Nominations were made for both and Paula will contact them to see if they are interested.


7.    Goal Setting: Role of Division Coordinators & Unit Heads

       EC feels this should be discussed at the next Faculty meeting.


8.        Diversity Committee discussion

EC will ask Dana Wright, Mary Mallory and Lisa Romero to a future meeting.