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Executive Committee

August 9th, 2004

Present:  Lisa German, Janis Johnston, Paula Kaufman William Maher, Lynne Rudasill, Lynn Wiley

  1. Approval of the minutes – approved with modifications

  2. Question time – Paula heard in some of the meetings with the untenured faculty that they were having a hard time getting away for committee meetings.  Paula will make a statement at the next faculty meeting that service on library/campus committees is a part of the job.  She will also send a note to committee chairs.

  3. Emeritus status was approved for a faculty member

  4. Update on Head of the Music Library – the search has not yet been successful.  Paula will put out a call from among our tenured faculty for an Acting Head of the Music Library to serve until someone is hired.

  5. Update on other searches – an offer is out for the Instructional Services Librarian in Undergrad and also for the Business Reference Specialist (offer accepted).  We are waiting on search narratives for three other positions.

  6. ICR seed money – EC drafted a policy for distributing this money back in 2003.  Paula will put out a call for applications – we have approximately $12,000 to distribute.  The deadline for applications will be September 30, 2004.

  7. No applications have been received as yet for the ARL Leadership program.  The deadline for responding is August 23, 2004.  A subcommittee of Lynne Rudasill, Bill Mischo, Bill Maher, and Janis Johnston and Paula Kaufman will review the applications.