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Executive Committee

Monday, July 26, 2004, 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Beth Woodard


1. Approval of minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.


2. Question time (update EC on Budget Implementation Team activities)

2 teams are almost fully appointed and two more are under way.


The CAMELS are for emergency back-up and to work in areas that have cyclical needs. Sandy Wolfe is the team leader. Student hours have been allocated to the team and also to units from where the team members come. Beth Woodard will provide training for the team members.


The Access Strategy team is made up of Peggy Steele, chair, Lisa German, Michael Norman, Jo Kibbee, Bill Mischo, Wendy Shelburne, David Ward and John Weible.


The Digital Content Creation Team will be guided by Chris Prom until the new head for DIMTI is hired.


The sciences are working on a PSED/LSD team.


The Implementation Team is now looking at long-term strategies over the next one to three years.


Bill Maher brought up the issue of the mail room closing at 3:30pm and the need to mail items that are too thick to put in the slot. Can the slot be made bigger or other arrangements made? This question will be referred to the Director of Facilities.


3. Budget Update

We have now been informed about our budget and Paula Kaufman is happy to report that instead of taking another cut, the Library will receive some additional funds.  Although we will not be able to restore vacant positions (that now no longer exist), we will not have to lay off any current staff.

The Library received sufficient funds for a 3% salary program.  This means that there is a pool of money, totaling about 3%, from which salary increases will be drawn.  Basing our salary increase decisions upon supervisors' evaluations (for open employees and academic professionals) and FRC recommendations, individual salary increases generally will be above or below 3%.  We also received a modest sum ($50,000) to address some equity issues.  We did not receive funds to cover the increases in student wages that will rise when the minimum wage rises in January 2005; we must fund those increases ourselves.
The Library received $1 million in recurring funds (a 3.3% increase after campus taxes are subtracted) and $600,000 in one-time funds (a 5.38% increase in total). These funds will be used to fill the current approved faculty vacancies and for:

         Oak Street debt                   $200,000
         Chemistry debt                    $100,000
         Deficit repayment                $  69,000
         Restore funds to Systems     $100,000
         OCLC budget                       $127,825
         FY05 Oak Street needs         $246,500
         FY05 facilities needs            $175,000
         ILCSO budget                      $215,423
         III budget                            $  35,000

The remaining $300,000 in non-recurring funds will be used to continue hours of operation at the Spring 04 level (you will recall that the Provost provided special one-time funds last year), for collections ($200,000), and to support the work of the new Implementation task force teams (an announcement about the teams will be forthcoming later this week).
Revenues from IRIS will be used to support the acquisition and implementation of the digital library products (link resolver, federated searching, and digital object manager) that ILCSO currently is in the process of licensing. Unrestricted gift funds also will be used to support additional Oak Street needs.


4. Head of Information Delivery and Entrepreneurial Programs job description revision

Paula Kaufman will ask Beth Sandore to revise and return to the committee.


5. AP Search Committees

This subject will be deferred to the agenda for the new EC committee.


6. ARL pilot Research Library Fellows program discussion

We can nominate two individuals to participate in this program who will be paid for out of gift funds. The goal of the program is to mentor those librarians who are interested in becoming ARL library directors. EC will set up a process for selecting people and an application process. The faculty will be asked to fill out the application form and a send a statement of interest. This is a two year program. The application deadline within the library is August 13, and nominations are due to ARL by Sept. 1 st.


7. AUL evaluations

Because of a lack of feedback by faculty in the AUL evaluation process, EC will take a more active roll with the hope of getting more feedback. The EC Vice-chair will meet with the other committee members to develop an feedback questionnaire.


8. AC/EC Discussions with the candidates

There are certainly some logical positions when AC and EC should meet with the candidate. EC would like to develop specific questions to ask of each candidate and to give the candidate information on how Executive Committee works and its function within the library.