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Executive Committee

Monday, May 24, 2004, 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Janis Johnston, Bill Mischo, Lynn Wiley, Beth Woodard


1. Approval of the minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.


2. Question time

The Committee needs to set a date for making committee appointments.


Paula Kaufman reported on the meeting she and Rod Allen had with the Provost.


During the meeting between the Long-range Advisory Committee and the Provost and Chancellor they discussed startup funds to support library needs for new areas and to revamp other areas. Paula has sent a proposal to the Provost for funding this.


Urbana is looking to replace the apartments at Orchard Downs with condos and luxury apartments and to also use some of the space for retail stores. This is to help increase the tax base for Urbana. This will mean that Hort Field Lab will be sacrificed in the construction, leaving us with a need for storage and public service space.


Lynn Wiley reported that the Unit Heads meeting went very well, with over 30 employees in attendance. Some of the subjects covered were OCLC Environmental Scan; underscoring things that are being done across the United States and the world; the fact that the departments want to know what’s going on in other departments; the Grad Student Survey; the Implementation Document; and the Strategic Plan. The group would like to meet once a semester for a shorter period of time to talk about specific topics.


3. Personnel matter

A personnel matter was discussed.


4. FRC/PTA Proposal

Several ideas were discussed with the need for revamping the calendar. FRC & PTA will meet again to discuss how the calendar should be revamped in accordance with some of the ideas.


5. Conduct with vendors discussion

Lisa will write a policy for this and bring it back to the committee.