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Executive Committee

Monday, April 26, 2004, 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Lynn Wiley, Beth Woodard


1. Approval of the minutes

Minutes were approved as submitted.


2. Question Time

Question: What is the feeling about bringing together unit heads to talk about how to use staff, state funding, data access, etc? Good idea as long as the discussion is focused.


3. Assistant professor external reviewers for promotion and tenure

Reviewers were chosen.


4. Personnel issue

A personnel issue was discussed.


5. Acting Head of Music

Dick Griscom is leaving on May 18. Bob and Paula will meet with the faculty and staff in the Music Library to discuss what happens next. EC recommended to Paula that Bob Burger oversee the department until a new head is hired.


6. Faculty Searches revisited

Paula will be meeting with the Provost on May 19 to discuss the budget and she hopes to know more about our level of funding then.


7. Update on staff and untenured faculty budget discussions


EC discussed some of the issues and concerns brought up at the FY05 budget planning

discussion meetings.