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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

April 7 th, 2004


Present: Paula Kaufman, Janis Johnston, Dick Griscom, Lynne Rudasill, Bill Mischo, Bill Maher, Lisa German, Kim Reynolds


  1. Met with Rod Allen to discuss the FY05 budget. His explanations were so clear and understandable that we asked him to create some documents for the faculty meeting and explain the budget.

  2. Approved March 8 th meeting minutes.

  3. Assigned a paper preparer for an untenured faculty member.

  4. Discussed four personnel matters.

  5. Assigned peer review committees for Chris Ham and Atoma Batoma; assigned replacements for other peer review committees

  6. Approved the name change from Commerce Library to Business and Economics Library

  7. During question time, Paula shared information about the Library’s budget hearing. We also discussed the seating in the tunnel. Paula will ask Jeff to put a note out about it.