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Executive Committee

Monday, February 9, 2004, 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Lynn Wiley, Beth Woodard,


Visitors – Becky Smith, Sue Searing


1. Discuss staffing of the Labor library with Sue Searing and Becky Smith

Some ideas for staffing the Labor Library were discussed. EC wanted a bit more time to reflect on the request and said that it would make a decision at the next meeting.


2. Approval of the January 26 th minutes

Minutes were approved.


3. Question Time

a. The Undergrad Instructional Services search committee is in place.


b. There are a lot of questions from the untenured librarians about the promotion and tenure activities. Bill Mischo and Paul Healey will send out additional information.


4. Target of Opportunity faculty requests

The committee voted to send two names forward to the Provost for approval. Screening committees were suggested.


5. Head of Music Library search committee composition

The committee discussed the composition of the committee and EC recommended that an additional committee member be added. However, upon more reflection, EC reversed its recommendation and decided to recommend that the committee stay as is.


6. Intake officer recommendations (Betsy Kruger and Dick Griscom resigning)

The committee recommended two names and Paula will contact them.


7. The User Ed committee had a resignation.

The committee recommended a name to Paula and Paula will contact the person.


8. Head of Rare Book Position Announcement

The announcement will be ready before the next meeting.


9. Digital Services Head

More information will be coming to the committee.