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Executive Committee

Monday, January 12, 2004, 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Dick Griscom, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill


1. Approval of the minutes – 1-2-04

Minutes were approved with changes.


2. Question Time

At the AC meeting one of the Division Coordinators asked if EC had or would consider deferring any of the faculty positions, they had decided to fill, to release funds that could be used to hire employees to support the Oak Street project. EC took this request under advisement and after discussing each of the positions concluded that none of the positions could be deferred.


Paula has written to the Provost requesting the name change for Sousa Archives.


3. Faculty searches updates

The search committees for the Head of Rare Book and Special Collections, Head of Music, Head of Digital Services and Development, and the Law Reference Librarian positions are all in place. Discussions continue in regards to the Labor & Industrial Relations Library.


EC again discussed the issue of half-time librarians and again determined that hiring librarians for a half-time position is not in the best interest of the Library or the faculty and would only be considered only in rare instances as an EXCEPTION.


4. Updates on Sabbaticals question

EC had discussed previously whether a faculty member could take a six month sabbatical in two three-month periods or not. Paula talked to David Swanson’s office who researched the issue and concluded that this is not permissible under the Statutes. Faculty may take one three-month sabbatical every three years and EC encourages all faculty to take sabbaticals. When Division Coordinators cannot arrange coverage for Library faculty on sabbatical, Library Administration will.


5. GSLIS payments for Library-faculty taught courses

Currently GSLIS puts $3,000 in an account in GSLIS that the faculty who teach a course in GSLIS can access for GAs or travel. Other adjuncts are paid at varying rates. John Unsworth would like to regulate the payments giving all faculty $5,000 per course plus a 1% increase for every year they’v e taught. Beginning in AY05, Library faculty who teach at GSLIS will have the choice of being paid as an overload (in which case they can do no GSLIS-related work on “Library time,” or having the Library receive the funds, from which they can draw for GA or student help, equipment, or travel support.


6. Untenured Faculty as Secretary of the Faculty

In response to email from Paula, Jennifer Hain and Janice Pilch reflected on the impact of the position on an untenured faculty member. They felt the position gave them important insight as to how things are done in the Library and also exposed them to many more faculty than they might have been. EC determined that is was a valuable experience for them and they should be allowed the opportunity to serve. They should not however feel that they cannot remove their name from the ballot for fear that it might be held against them. They know what their workload is and should feel free to remove their name if the don’t have the time to take on the position.


7. Rare Book/Special Collections Task Force Discussion

The overall tone of the report was acceptable. It did however lean away from time and effort spent on development activities. EC felt that the position requires that the Head be a presence in the Library, on campus, and with donors and potential donors. Development does need to be a part of the position and this person would need to be able to work closely with our Development office.