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Executive Committee

Monday, January 2, 2004 , 1:30-3:00

428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Bill Maher, Bill Mischo, Lynne Rudasill, Beth Woodard


1.    Approval of the minutes – 12-23-03

       Minutes were approved with one typographical correction.


2.    Question Time

       On Sunday, December 28, 66 Library was being used for an event. The whole building was unlocked even though the arrangement was to only have the door near 66 unlocked. Paula talked with F&S and they have pledged not to schedule 66 Library when the building is closed because there is no way to shut it off from the rest of the building. They had erroneously thought that Rm. 66 could be cordoned off from the rest of the building.

       Gail Hueting was accepted for the Senior Monographic Cataloger position.

       Dean Review Guidelines were discussed. In light of these guidelines the Bylaws will need to be reviewed.

       Procedural matters relating to a Provost’s Office request for recommendations to the five-year evaluation of the University Librarian and other confidential matters were discussed.


3.    Sousa Archives name change request

       The change from “Sousa Archives” to “Sousa Archives and Center for American Music” was approved by the EC and the School of Music. Paula will now send the formal request to the Provost.


4.    Faculty position requests

       The positions were discussed once more.


5.    Services advisory committee composition issue

       A question arose regarding the lack of divisional representation on the Services Advisory Committee, especially of this committee was charged with implementing a stacks reconfiguration plan. Paula explained that the reconfiguration committee had not been discharged. Given the fact, EC felt that the committee should be kept as it is and assessed at the end of the year before new appointments are made.


6.    Concern from FRC regarding an untenured faculty member serving as Secretary of the faculty

       The committee discussed this concern and will look into this further.


7.    Single librarian unit (and others) challenges of taking sabbatical

       EC will encourage faculty to at least take the three month option if they fill they cannot be away from their unit longer and to remind faculty that it is the responsibility of the Division to find a way to cover the time the faculty is away and if they are not able to find a solution Administration will provide assistance.