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Executive Committee

Monday, September 23, 2002

428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Sue Searing, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen


1.    Approval of minutes from 26 August and 9 September 2002

       The minutes were approved.


2.    Question Time

       Email was sent out asking for nominations for the Honorary Degree.  No nominations were made.


       The Target of Opportunity and Dual Career Spousal Hires programs will continue.  The Faculty Excellence program will not continue.


       Two positions have been approved so far.  In the context of the meetings of the Budget group and AC, there was discussion concerning the decision.


       What is the status of the searches?  The Mortenson position has been reviewed and approved by PTA and FRC and it has gone down the street. Paula is still waiting on the letter from PTA in regards to the South Asian Studies position.  There were some questions about the Middle East Studies position and an additional external reference has been sought.  Miranda Remnek has accepted the position as Head of the Slavic Library and will begin in January.


       There will be a gift announcement on Friday, September 27, of $1.5 million for a chair in the Library.


       What is the Mellon Grant for?  It is basically a machine record matching project.  OCLC will do a lot of quality control and looking at the records.  Any money left over will go to working on the records that don’t match.


3.    UCITA Update and Discussion

       Deferred to the next meeting.


4.    Training coordination

       Kaufman - Training has been high on our priority list for a long time.  The plan to implement a training program in the Library would involve Beth Woodard working half-time as our training coordinator to look at what is currently being offered and what the training needs are in the Library.  Then locating where training can be provided, where we have gaps where we don’t have any training available.


       The scope of the position is wide.  The person would look at what Systems and other areas are offering or plan to offer and what’s available to staff and faculty on campus and then moving to a needs assessment.  They would look at what supervisory training is needed and strategies to get the people who need it to go to training.            


       The question is how this will affect reference if Woodard is spending half her time on training.  The training of the GAs will be shifted over time.  With Kibbee on sabbatical this shift will take place gradually. 


       The current procedure for new opportunities allows staff the option to express interest in them.  But in this case, it is a temporary assignment for Woodard, that could become a permanent position open to other staff. 


       It was recommended a position description be written that outlines the expectations for the Training Coordinator.  Woodard and Burger are to prepare this.


       EC approved of the temporary assignment for Beth and would like to revisit the issue in three years or before, if necessary.  They suggested this be taken to AC.


5.    Proposal for ICR distribution to PI’s

       Campus gets 92% of all indirect costs recovery money.  Bart Clark’s proposal is that we look at the liens against the monies for things in the grants, (i.e., GA tuition, space charges) and then take 60% of the monies to cover our administrative, infrastructure and space expenses and use 22% to form a pool of seed money for institutional issues and give 10% to the PI to use as they need for travel expenses or conferences, etc.  This is very close to what Engineering does.


       There were some questions about the proposal and Paula will ask Bart for a more detailed explanation. 


6.    Carryover agenda item: Review of Principles and Guidelines for Filling Vacant Positions draft

       This item will be deferred to the next meeting.


7.    Request from Jo Kibbee to fill a vacant academic position

       The committee looked over the document Kibbee provided and have additional questions.  Kaufman will ask Kibbee to attend the next meeting.