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Executive Committee

Wednesday, July 14, 2003

428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Dick Griscom, Bill Maher, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen; Visitor – Diane Schmidt


1.    Diane Schmidt visits to discuss the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)

       The Committee discussed the Strategic Plan; what was good about it and what didn’t work.  They discussed with Diane the importance of the Plan, not only to the Library but also to campus.  The Committee recommended that SPC form a smaller working group and that SPC develop a briefer more strategic plan with a more detailed implementation plan that can be revised yearly.


2.    Review and approval of EC Minutes from June 23

       The minutes were approved.


3.    Question time

The Provost has agreed to reduce the Library's cash reserves requirement from 3% to 1%.  The Budget Group will be discussing the implications of this much smaller reserve requirement when it meets later this week.

Reassignments are being worked on. The Provost approved us to use ¾% of salary money for equity. The Provost will give us money to be able to keep UGL opened the same hours as Grainger.

Once we know the total dollar amount we can spend for professional salaries we can determine how many positions we can fill. Paula will put together a list of deferred positions and requests that have been made.

Temporary Peer Review Committee assignments were made for those committees that have faculty on sabbatical next year.

4.    Library Committee Appointments - Kaufman

       CDC and ISCC appointments are done later in the semester after EC has made assignments.  It will be suggested that those committees make their appointments earlier so EC can take them into consideration when making other committee assignments.

       Several appointments were made.

5.    Music User Services Coordinator position  - Griscom

       Dick discussed reassignment of duties.  More discussion will follow, as the Committee ran out of time.