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Executive Committee (Revised March 28, 2003)

Monday, March 10, 2003

428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Sue Searing, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen



1.  K. Schmidt and B. Sandore will visit to discuss electronic resources workflow and staffing issues – L. German

     Acquisitions, Systems and Collections/Cataloging are working collaboratively because e-resources cross these boundaries.

            Collections work:

·      Keeping up with products and product enhancements

·      Assessment – do we have the best titles, are we using them, how do they compare with other products, do the subject librarians know

·      Trials: putting them up, taking them down


            Acquisitions work:

·        Placing orders

·        Following through with user ids, passwords, connections

·        Troubleshooting - helping Systems when the resources don’t work

·        License negotiation

·        Vendor liaison

·        Connecting print & electronic ordering issues

·        On-going order maintenance in Voyager acquisitions


            Systems work:

·        Troubleshooting

·        Access issues

·        Maintenance of the Library proxy server and other solutions for off-campus access

·        Development for OpenURL-enabled ILL requesting directly from capable e-resources

·        Enhancement of Z39.50 support


     E-resources require less work upfront and much more ongoing work for access, support and maintenance.  There is a large amount of de-centralized work that occurs at our libraries and service points to provide linking and bibliographic access to electronic resources.  Centralizing much of this work will provide uniformity, better collection control, and ultimately provide better access for our users.


     The recommendation is to refocus the work of e-resources to create a working group that will address the overall management issues that maximize e-resources for our users.  This will include provisions of criteria on whether resources are acceptable from technical or access perspectives.  This group would include core positions as well as input from others as work dictates.


     The Executive Committee would like to see the Head of Reference as part of the core group. A smaller working group might be more efficient.


     With the new working group it was suggested that the Committee look at the validity of having the EIRC committee.  It was suggested that EIRC be disbanded for the time being and the issue looked at again in 1-2 years. 


     Paula and Lisa will work on a formal charge for the e-resources working group.


2.  Approval of minutes from 2/24 and the revised minutes from 2/10.

     The minutes were approved with changes.


3.  Question Time

     How was it determined by the Provost’s office that the Library would be grouped with GSLIS and Communications? The groupings were arbitrary.


     Has a draft of the final vision statement been posted on the web?  Paula will check on it.


     What is the process for post-tenure review?  This will be added to the next agenda.


4.  E-mail etiquette - Kaufman

     The Committee feels that this cannot be legislated.


5.  Revised International Strategies document

The Committee accepted the document with the changes suggested by Maher and Griscom. The most significant change was in Section I, the last paragraph.  The Committee would like the sentence listing the library names put back into the document: