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Executive Committee

Monday, February 24, 2003
428 Library


Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Lisa German, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Sue Searing, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen


1.  Approval of minutes from 10 February

     The last item was incomplete.  The minutes will be corrected and resubmitted at the next meeting.


2.  Question Time

     What is the background on the assignment of Geoff Bant.  Geoff is an Academic Professional who has been re-assigned to the Library from Graphic Service to complete the last year of his contract. 


3.  Thoughts about staffing after B. Clark’s retirement - Kaufman

P. Kaufman recommends that the Library not fill the position of Associate University Librarian for Planning and Budgeting.  Instead, the Business and Human Resources offices will report directly to her.  A new Facilities operation will include shipping & receiving, security, and other related functions; with Donna Hoffman continuing to provide support for the Facilities group.  Facilities will report to Bob Burger but will be led by a Director of Facilities, an Academic Professional position.


Other activities for which Bart is responsible will be done primarily by Kaufman and the AULs.  Bob Burger will be responsible for data collection, reporting, and analysis.  Beth Sandore will coordinate reviews of grant proposals; Paula will continue to set faculty and academic professional salaries with appropriate input.  The AULs will have authorization as "first level" signers.  Other activities, such as coordinating conflict of interest forms and sabbaticals, will be distributed as needed.


4.  Strategies for the impending budget situation - Kaufman

     P. Kaufman provided an overview of a survey conducted by the University of Arizona asking what budget cuts libraries had experienced in the last two years, what are the budget expectations for the next year, and what they are doing about them.


Most libraries protected acquisition funds.  Many cut print subscriptions when there was a reliable electronic copy. One library closed branches.  Some reduced hours and one cut out some of its phones.  At Cornell they are reducing collections processing, substituting non-professional for professional staff, reallocating staff, renting library facilities, and establishing cost recovery for previously free services.


Some ideas Paula has received have been to eliminate all print journal and monograph duplications, to cancel one or more package deals and choose only publications we need, and to consider how general funds can be used to support brittle books preservation.


The Committee would like to see journals and monographs looked at individually instead of just cutting all duplicates.  Also duplicates in serial subscriptions should be scrutinized.


Some other ideas included exploring reduction of hours for certain libraries coupled with more flexible staffing schedules to match user schedules and increasing reliance on e-resources for 24/7 accesss.


     The Committee will continue to discuss strategies.


5.  CLIR proposal for post-docs – Kaufman

     The Provost has committed $90,000/year for two post docs for three years, beginning summer 2004.  This new program is designed to help recruit and educate people who have received doctorates in a humanities discipline within the previous five years to obtain academic librarianship positions and other related work in academe.  LAS and LIS have expressed support and their willingness to participate in this collaborative program.


     The Committee will discuss further at another meeting to decide if this is a program we want to pursue.


6.  University Librarian evaluation – Searing

     Searing informed the Committee that their annual review of the University Librarian is due to Provost May 1.  A Process was decided upon for completing the review.