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Friday, 7 December 2001 – Special EC Meeting
428 Main Library

 1.     Approve minutes of 26 November meeting
    Minutes were approved.

 2.     Question time
Is the O&M Liaison committee in effect?  It is with Bart, Wendy, and Tom Teper serving from the Library along with two O&M people.  They are meeting on a regular basis.   
 3.     Faculty tenure process
    The process was discussed.

 4.     Staffing Study
It was determined that Paula would ask Ryoko Toyama from Rutgers to attend a meeting in the future.  Professor Toyama has successfully implemented a staffing study.
5.     Makes plans to accommodate Communication #21
It was determined that EC would accept AC's recommendation on the setting of goals in the area of librarianship.  The idea will be presented at the next Faculty meeting with the recommendation that the Library try this for a year or two and see how it works.

 6.     Review of faculty meeting discussion of possible cross-campus initiatives
The committee decided to appoint a group to look into this.  That group will consist of Barbara Jones, Beth Sandore, Bill Maher, Caroline Szylowicz, Carol Palmer.

 7.     Request to fill a faculty vacancy in Music
    The Committee approved the request.