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Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, 12 November 2001


Present: Paula Kaufman, chair, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher,

Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen

1. The 8 October 2001 minutes were approved as revised. The 22 October 2001 minutes were approved as distributed on 26 October.

2. Question time

Paula will be meeting Friday, 16 November, with Larry Mann and Dana Brenner (DIA) to discuss the Chicago Bears' 2002 home schedule in Memorial Stadium and how it will impact staff parking and campus security.

Janis is compiling a list of issues to be addressed with Library Human Resources. EC members should send their suggestions to her.

EC will proceed with the scheduled review of the revised composition of the Cataloging Policy Committee once we receive an updated report from the committee.

EC clarified that vacancies in previously approved grant-project positions can be filled without further action on the part of EC.

ILCSO is still working on contract negotiations with Endeavor.

The library is still awaiting the feasibility study report on the university-wide library development campaign. A meeting has been set up with Sid Micek, Dick Wilson, Charlie Hahn, Lyn, and Paula to make plans for the campaign. Paula has been meeting with some of the deans to move this along.

3. The committee recommended the filling of two faculty vacancies in Commerce and suggested membership for the search committee.

4. The committee recommended the filling of a faculty vacancy in Education and Social Science and suggested membership for the search committee.

5. The committee reviewed a request that the South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Librarian position be split into two full-time positions. Paula will ask Karen Wei to provide more information, and it will be reconsidered at the next meeting.

7. The committee selected a visiting committee for Linda Ackerson. Substitutes were recommended to cover the visiting committee assignments of Bill Maher and Tim Cole, who will be on sabbatical in the spring. A substitute was also recommended for the visiting committee assignment of Richard Burbank, who is currently on disability leave.

9. The committee discussed a memo from Chancellor Cantor and Provost Herman on positioning the campus for the future. This memo should be discussed by the faculty at the November meeting in anticipation of the chancellor's and provost's attendance at the December faculty meeting. Paula will send information out to the faculty in advance of the November meeting.

10. EC will ask the Administrative Council to make a recommendation about the setting of individual faculty members' goals in the area of librarianship, which is necessary to bring the library into compliance with Communication #21.

DG 14 Nov 01