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Monday, 22 October 2001

Present: Paula Kaufman, chair, Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher,

Beth Sandore, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen

Absent: Sue Searing

1. Minutes of the 24 September and 8 October 2001 meetings were approved

2. Question time

How will the Sunday afternoon Bears games in Champaign next season impact the Library? There are concerns about parking and security. Paula will contact Charles Colbert to find out what the university is planning.

3. Request to fill a vacancy in the Law Library

The committee approved the filling of the vacant reference position formerly held by Peter Hook and recommended membership for the search committee.

4. Review of a library faculty member's progress toward promotion and tenure

The case was discussed and will be considered further at the next meeting.

5. Choice of topics for librarian candidate presentations

Recent search committees have asked candidates to speak on the general topic of current issues in their area of librarianship. EC discussed the purpose of these candidate presentations and the possible benefits of assigning topics that are more focused. The committee agreed, however, that if candidates were asked to concentrate on local issues, internal candidates would be given a distinct advantage. Paula will ask Bernice Harrington how best to communicate to the search committees that presentation topics should be more precisely defined.

6. Appointment of untenured faculty to unit head positions

Paula clarified that although all faculty members are encouraged to volunteer for interim appointments, progress toward tenure will be considered when evaluating candidates. Often tenured faculty are preferred for interim appointments because of the unusual demands typically placed on interim unit heads. Similar consideration of progress toward tenure should be a part of the evaluation process used by search committees when screening candidates for permanent appointment to vacant unit head positions.

7. Plans for a general staffing study

Will be moved to the agenda for the next meeting.

8. Staffing support for the selection process for the Oak St. storage facility

For certain libraries and selectors, the identification of materials for the storage facility will require considerable work as they examine materials, pull them from the stacks, and prepare them for transfer. Dick asked whether divisions were expected to request staffing support as a part of the budget request process or whether system-wide support would be provided from the library administration. Leslie mentioned that the barcoding project was a similar system-wide effort for which the library administration provided additional staff support. Paula will ask Karen Schmidt whether she plans to request a central pool for staff assistance.