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Monday, 8 April 2002, 1:30-3:00

428 Library 

Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Sue Seering, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen 

1. The minutes of the 25 March 2002 meeting were approved with revisions. 

2. Question time. How are things going with the Library Campaign?  The

   Foundation and the Campus are supporting a separate funding campaign for the Library.  We are in a quiet phase right now that is occupied with planning.  

3. Because Leslie Troutman will be on medical leave for at least several months, the committee appointed replacements to cover her various faculty-related responsibilities. 

   a) Sue Searing agreed to serve as vice-chair of the Executive Committee, and Dick Griscom will assume the duties of secretary.           

   b) Bob Burger will edit papers for the tenured faculty seeking promotion to associate professor and full professor, and Tom Kilton will edit papers for the assistant professors seeking promotion with tenure.           

   c) Marlys Scarbrough will serve on the search committee for Music Digital Services Librarian.           

   d) The committee recommended a temporary replacement for Leslie on Scott McEathren's peer-review committee. 

   The committee also recommended a temporary replacement for Mitsuko Williams on Lura Joseph's peer-review committee. 

4. Memorializing deceased colleagues.  Dick reported that the staff of the Music Library have inquired about plans to honor Phyllis Danner and her contribution to the Sousa Archives.  Some had suggested the possibility of a small plaque to be mounted in the Sousa Archives.  Paula will talk to Bart to see what funds are available and   commission a plaque for Phyllis Danner.

5. Proposal to restructure the Collection Development Committee (CDC). Because CDC is included in the faculty bylaws, changes to the charge and composition of the committee must be submitted as an amendment to the bylaws.  A member of EC asked why CDC is in the bylaws, and Maher replied that since the core of what the Library does is build research collections, it makes sense that the committee responsible for decision making on collection development be constituted in the bylaws. To effect the changes that Karen proposes, she should make a presentation on the proposal at a faculty meeting.  The faculty will then decide whether to charge the Bylaws Committee with the drafting of a formal amendment to the bylaws.  Karen will be asked to make her presentation at the April faculty meeting, and if the faculty charges the Bylaws Committee with drafting the amednment, the proposed amendment will be discussed at the May meeting. 

6. Cataloging Policy Committee 

   Barb Henigman will be invited to a future meeting to discuss the Cataloging Policy Committee. 

7. Nominations for honorary degrees for May 2004 commencement 

   The committee will work on identifying appropriate criteria as well as a process for submitting nominations.  This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

8. University Library Budget Plan 

   Bart will be invited to the next meeting.