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March 25, 2002

Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Sue Searing, Dick Griscom, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen

  1. Approval of minutes of March 11, 2002.
  2. Approved March 11 meeting minutes.

  3. Discussion of human-resources issues.
  4. Cindy Kelly discussed Human Resources issues.

    Orientation:  Informal orientation sessions already occur for new faculty.   Cindy meets twice with new faculty to explain payroll process, staffing issues, and general HR information.  There are current plans to begin regular orientations for staff beginning fall semester.  A staff orientation program would be held for new employees each semester.  There are already orientation programs for graduate assistants, held on a semester basis.  New student employee orientation programs are scheduled three times each semester.

    Training:  With input from the Personnel Services Office, by the end of the summer, HR hopes to start bi-monthly brown bag sessions for supervisors. Sample topics to be addressed would be time issues, job descriptions, evaluations, disciplinary procedures (this is not a complete list, topics could be according to interest).

    Audits:  Scheduling of audits continues.  All requested audits as part of the allotment for this year should be completed by the first week in May.

    In cooperation with SUCSS and CODSULI, Library HR has been looking into standardization of library classifications.  A proposal currently exists which would consist of one library wide classification which would better reflect the technology driven aspects of library staff work.

    Web page:  Improvements have been made to web page and are ongoing.  HR would be happy to add further improvements, based on suggestions.  Beth Woodard suggested added link to GEO.  Define who does what in Library HR Office.  Continue to alert staff to the web page and what is available.

    GA hiring:  Hiring processes have been changed for this year.  The database will still be available for supervisors and changes are currently being implemented.   This year, the Library HR Office will no longer coordinate the on-campus interview process for the GA’s.  Unit supervisors will now be responsible for setting up their own interviews, based on the availability of the visits by incoming students.

    Delays in processing GA appointments should improve this year.  There were problems last year with Academic HR requirements.

    E-mail response time:  Cindy is working to improve response time.   Suggestions were discussed to create a generic e-mail address for the HR office to streamline requests.  Someone would monitor the requests and then assign them to the appropriate person for response.

    Additions:  Performance evaluations need to be done by June 30.  Training sessions for supervisors will occur in April.  General discussion of how to lessen levels of stress that will result from Oak Street demands and implementation of new system.  Can we incorporate more fun activities to lighten up the work atmosphere for staff?

  5. Question Time

Greg Youngen asked why buildings were not opened on Sunday, March 24.  Donna Hoffman explained it was an error on the part of Facility Management and Scheduling.   She will work with this office to see that it doesn’t happen again.

Greg Youngen was concerned about libraries being re-keyed.  Paula reassured him nothing would be done until the libraries were consulted.

Discussed approval procedure for the restructuring of the Collection Development Committee, which is mandated in the Library bylaws.

Too late for nominations for honorary degree for May 2003.  Will revisit next EC meeting.