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Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, 11 March 2002, 1:30-3:00

428 Library 

Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Beth Sandore, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen 

1.   Approval of minutes of 25 February 2002 meeting.

      Minutes were approved. 

2.   Update on personnel issues- Paula

      Personnel issues were discussed by the committee. 

3.   Discuss need of an additional EC meeting to cover long-standing agenda items

            An additional meeting will be scheduled. 

4.   Peer-review committee appointments for the new Japanese Studies Librarian

      This was tabled until the next meeting. 

5.   Followup on Ryoko Toyama's visit

      There were several things about the plan that Toyama presented that the committee felt could work for the library.  The committee will look for ways to implement some of the ideas. 

6.   Arts & Humanities Division- Beth S.

      Some issues were discussed. 

7.   Cataloging Policy Committee

      The committee will review the report and bring suggestions to the next meeting. 

8.   Proposal for revised Collection Advisory Committee

      Karen’s proposal was accepted.