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Executive Committee Minutes

January 28, 2002

Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Dick Griscom, Janis Johnston, Bill Maher, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard, Greg Youngen; Bob Burger, visitor

1. Approval of minutes of 14 January meeting.

Minutes will be revised and reviewed again at the next meeting.

2. Continued discussion of Technical Services issues – Bob Burger

Bob has been meeting with the Tech Services librarians that work in Acquisitions and Cataloging to talk about workflow and related issues. Some of the things that have come up are:

—There needs to be an univocal control of original and rapid cataloging.

—There need to be more people that others can go to with questions.

—Tech Services needs to develop an internal quality control program to figure out where errors are happening and why, and correct them.

—Many grad assistants create a constant cycle of training, turnover, and more training. Tech Services needs a more stable workforce.

—Two different cultures exist in Original and Rapid cataloging, which puts pressure on the supervisors to communicate well with one another.

—An overview, "system thinking" training, or in-depth orientation could help people see how what they do affects others in the library.

—The burden to represent UIUC's interests in national forums currently falls almost solely on Barb Henigman.

—Bob is starting to envision a "cataloging academy" for professionals – a monthly or bi-monthly program focusing on specific issues -- and possibly a certificate program for staff.

3. Recommendation of members for tenure appeal committee.

A committee was recommended.

4. Recommendation of full professors to review letters of intent for promotion to full professors.

Recommendations were made.

5. Cross-Campus Initiative for Research in Primary Artifacts – Beth Sandore

The sub-committee chaired by Beth Sandore identified other campus units they believe may be interested in collaborating on an initiative that builds on the investment the campus has made in the library collections and other primary resource materials. Some suggestions were:

—Not only to support scholarly uses of materials but also to study scholarly processes that employ primary source materials.

—To offer fellowships to faculty, graduate students, and post grads to conduct research using the collections.

—To promote research in pairs – scholars collaborating across disciplines -- to gain a better understanding of how people are using the collections for research.

—To host a colloquium series about the use of the collections in research.

—To develop interdisciplinary courses such as Discovery courses for freshmen, capstone courses for juniors and seniors, and special focus courses for grad students.

It was suggested that the sub-committee consider focusing on undergraduate research and scholarship, which is an emerging priority on campus. The sub-committee will send the final draft of the initiative to the faculty for comments.

6. Voyager Update – Paula Kaufman

The ILCSO Board of Directors passed a motion endorsing in principle the recommendation to base the architecture of the new system on separate databases for each member institution, contingent on reasonable cost and adherence to time guidelines.