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20 November 2000

Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Margaret Chaplan, Richard Griscom, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard

Absent: Tim Cole

I. Approval of the Past Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the November 6, 2000, meeting were not ready for approval.

II. Question time

A. What is the status of the Director of Services search?

(Sue Searing left the room.) It was agreed that the search for the Director of Services has gone beyond a reasonable amount of time. Paula explained that demand on the search committee chair's time and circumstances in the Personnel Office which have added to the delays will be corrected soon.

B. What is the next step in the budget process?

EC will devote its next regular meeting to a discussion of the budget. A separate meeting to discuss the budget with Bart Clark will be scheduled for later that week. The EC's brief discussion of the budget presentations at the joint AC-EC meeting on Nov. 17 raised the following points: (1)There are many overlapping digital projects in the Library divisions; perhaps there should be some creative thinking to look at consolidating projects. (2)Evaluating the need for increased staffing is difficult without some notion of minimum staffing levels. Paula explained that formulas don't work in every situation; looking at each request and making a specific judgement call is more successful. (3)It was decided to wait until after the budget meeting on December 4 and the ILCSO meeting on December 8 to invite Sara Randall to come to an EC meeting to discuss the current status of the ILCSO RFP and online catalog software issues.

III. Old Business

Chaplan inquired whether the Library should establish some policy about wording in signatures attached to e-mail messages. When she sent her report on the Public Safety Advisory Committee meeting to libnews-l, she received a number of responses with a variety of signatures containing personal slogans or quotations, some of which seemed inappropriate. While freedom of expression without censorship is important, it is also important to use UIUC e-mail within UIUC guidelines. Beth Sandore will check with the UIUC Webmaster and let EC know if there are any official guidelines regarding the content of e-mail signatures.

IV. New Business

A. Recruitment of a faculty excellence prospect

Paula reported that she has campus permission to move ahead on a faculty excellence prospect. A job description is being prepared, and Paula will contact the prospect after the Thanksgiving holiday. A screening committee will then be appointed.

It was also mentioned that the library has submitted a proposal to the campus for money for a biotechnology librarian position and materials funds. The total campus money available to units in this program is $1.2 million next year, with in excess of $2 million later.

B. Visiting Committee appointments

Names were recommended for a Visiting Committee for Kevin Butterfield, who will be joining the Law Library as Head of Technical Services on December 4; Paula will contact the persons proposed.

A recommendation was also made for a replacement for Chris Prom's Visiting Committee, and Paula will follow up on it.

C. Report and Recommendations of the Recruitment Task Force

The Recruitment Task Force consisting of Bob Burger, Janis Johnston, Chris Prom, Sue Searing, and Cindy Kelly, submitted a draft of their report. Among EC suggestions for additions and revisions were:
· create a perception in the field that this is an exciting place to work (this can be done through ads, enthusiasm at meetings away from campus, and published articles about the good things going on here),
· informally and discreetly contact librarians and library directors to see how they perceive the UIUC Library and find out why we are not receiving the expected number of candidates for open positions,
· include the name of the search committee chair in the ads so potential candidates have someone they can contact with pre-application questions,
· add a time line to our search committee procedures to guide the searches,
· have a debriefing session with the search committee chair, possibly with Cindy Kelly, when the search is completed,
· create a database of people who might be good candidates,
· develop better ways to deal with tenure and publication questions. The issues are ready to be discussed at a Faculty meeting. Richard Griscom will put it on the agenda for December or January.

D. PTA election

Terms of PTA committee members were altered to coincide with the calendar year. Troutman distributed a draft promotion and tenure calendar. She discussed the importance of lining up potential paper preparers for the group coming up for promotion and tenure next year. Paula will contact those who were suggested so they will be forewarned about running for FRC. The issue of who will edit these papers was also discussed.

V. Other Business

Margaret Chaplan shared information she found in an article in the Springfield newspaper saying that the State of Illinois has negotiated a new retirement plan for state employees with AFCSME Council 31. Under the new plan, if your age plus years of service equal 85 or more, you can retire with a full pension. She wondered whether the University was contemplating such a move.

Paula reported that her draft of procedures for evaluation of Administrators is almost completed and will be ready for the EC meeting following the budget meetings.

Since Paula will not be here, the EC meeting scheduled for December 18 will be rescheduled later in the week. A second meeting the week of December 4 will be scheduled to discuss the budget with Bart Clark. For the meeting with Bart Clark, EC is asking for budget items to be sorted into rough categories and into recurring and non recurring items.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.