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Executive Committee Minutes

Monday, August 17, 2001

9:30am, 428 Library 

Present:  Paula Kaufman (chair), Timothy Cole, Richard Griscom, Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, Leslie Troutman 

1.      Approve minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of August 13.

Because of the short turnaround time it was decided to defer the approval of the minutes until the next EC meeting. 

2.      Question time.

Paula Kaufman explained that Donna Keleher's appointment has been reduced to half-time so she can pursue completion of a degree.  Paula Watson will employ a part-time GA during the next year.  If Donna later leaves the Library for a job in her field, the position will be re-evaluated. 

3.      Old business (carried over from August 13 agenda):

Finished committee assignments.

Leslie will report about changes to ISSC's Endeavor/III implementation teams at the September 7 meeting. 

3.A.  Make visiting committee appointments for:

            Jing Liao 

            Tom Teper

            Jennifer Hain

            K.C. Elhart

         Appointments were made for all.                                                 

3.B.  Appoint search committees for positions already approved:

Members were recommended for search committees for the Multicultural Librarian (re-opened), and the Coordinator for Information Literacy Services & Instruction. 

3.C.  Consider requests for new positions & if approved, appoint search committees:

Requests to fill positions for a Serials Team Leader (request to change job title will be coming through later) and Assistant ACES Librarian were approved, and search committee members were recommended.  A request to fill a new position for Assistant Biology Librarian will be considered at EC's second September meeting.

  3.D.  Receive briefings on issues:

Outgoing member Mary Stuart brought two issues to the EC's attention, for consideration during the coming academic year.           

         3.D.1.  Records disposition for search committee chairs and visiting committees.

                    Awareness needs to be raised within the Library faculty concerning record retention and disposition, especially for personnel matters.  University guidelines indicate that Search Committee Chairs are to retain all information including notes and emails for all searches.  Visiting Committee files retention is another issue. What happens to such records if the committee chair leaves the Library should be clarified.  Bill Maher recommends that the library set up a formal records disposition authorization for specific records.  Where there are not specific University policies, the Library should develop its own. 

                    Space for storing files, whether in Archives or the Human Resources Office, is an issue.  One solution might be to burn the info on a CD.       

      3.D.2.  Partner and Target of Opportunity Program hires.

EC and the Library faculty at large need to talk about criteria for partner hires and TOP hires.  It was noted that the University does support partner hires as well as spousal hires.  There is a mandate from the Provost that each college have a specific written set of guidelines for TOP hires, but the Library doesn’t have such guidelines and must develop them.  

3.E.  Review Cataloging Policy Committee structure after first year of operation as replacement for CPAC (parallels review by Admin Council which is explicitly mentioned in the charge for CPC).

Paula will ask for a report from the CPC. 

3.F.  Discuss budgeting and use of GA positions in the Library (follow-up to EC budget discussions this spring; should be addressed before the next budget cycle gets fully underway).

EC agreed that the use of GAs should be a topic for a future agenda.  GAs should not be employed in place of staff or librarians. 

4.      New Business. (Unfinished business)

Paula Kaufman reported that the Provost has a group looking at Campus ICR and budget reform. 

5.      Review list of unfinished business and other priorities for 2001-02 Executive Committee.

Some issues have been addressed and some have been slated for further agendas. 

Committee adjourned at approximately 3pm.