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Monday, August 13, 2001

1:30pm, 428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Timothy Cole, Richard Griscom, Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard

I. Approve minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of July 2 and July 16.
Minutes were approved as submitted.

II. Question time.
A. Status of Trinkley report? (follow-up on discussion at last EC meeting)
Karen distributed the report at the last AC meeting with a sheet summarizing Trinkely’s recommendations. Copies of the report were distributed to the AC and 2001-02 EC members only, as there are currently not enough copies, but others will be available in the future. O&M was given a copy of the report, also. Preservation committee has started working their way through the recommendations.

B. Status of reorganization of conservation/preservation activities? (re: PTK email, 7/19, 2:49pm)
Reorganization and two new positions have been approved. We have been invited to submit a proposal to the Mellon Foundation for equipment, $700,000 for a 2-to-1 match.

C. Status of search for Acting Sousa Archivist? (re: PTK email, 7/25, 3:03pm)
Received three applications. Bill Maher is heading the search committee and would like to have someone in place by August 21.

D. What is the campus policy regarding charges to the Library for use of space and what is the Library's policy regarding how to budget for these charges? (re: new assessment for Observatory space and this issue generally)
We get charged for all space we use by the campus. One charge that showed up in this year’s bill that we weren’t aware of was a $28,000 charge for the space used by IRIS in the Observatory. IRIS is revenue generating and will pay the space charge. The question was raised as to whether this is the best use of money and if there is other space that would be more cost effective for IRIS.
Paula suggested that for next year a policy be developed that states how ICR funds are to be used, since there is not a policy in effect at this time. One question is whether a percentage of the ICR funds should go back to the PI for other kinds of investments or not.

E. Other
Paula apologized for not submitting to the committee the request to nominate someone for the Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC). The turnaround time was such that a decision needed to be made before the next committee meeting. Paula, therefore, nominated Beth Woodard. Our nominee will not necessarily be chosen to serve on CBOC, but we are asked periodically to nominate a member of the library faculty to represent our area, Professional Programs and the Library. These are three-year terms.

III. Old business: Complete committee assignments for 2001-02.
Assignments were completed and Paula will officially ask each individual to serve.
The committee raised concerns about the configuration of the cataloging team and asked for clarification on which group would be making policy decisions related to security, report generation, and profiling.

IV. New business.
A. Emerita status for B. Loomis was recommended.

B. Make visiting committee appointments:
One member of an existing visiting committee was replaced and one new visiting committee was recommended.