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Executive Committee Minutes

11 September 2000

Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Margaret Chaplan, Tim Cole, Richard Griscom, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Leslie Troutman, Beth Woodard
Absent: Mary Stuart

I. Approval of the Past Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the July 11, 2000, meeting were approved as corrected. Because of lack of time to incorporate the many revisions received, the August 28, 2000, minutes will be considered for approval at the next meeting.

II. New Business

A. Appointment of Assistant Map & Geography Librarian

The discussion of the appointment raised the issue of Library needs for expertise in digital materials and collections and whether this should be addressed centrally or whether expertise should be developed at the unit or division level. After a specific discussion of the needs of the Map & Geography Department, the EC approved the request for a full-time Assistant Map & Geography Librarian by a vote of six in favor with one abstention. Names of members for the Search Committee were suggested, and Paula Kaufman will follow up on this.

B. Head of Human Resources as ex-officio member of search committees

The EC approved a request from Human Resources Head, Cindy Kelly, that she be an ex-officio member of every Search Committee and be invited to attend all formal meetings of such committees. The EC approved having the Head of Human Resources as a non-voting, ex-officio member of every Search Committee; she will attend meetings at her discretion. It was noted that this had been a routine practice in the past.

C. Geology Librarian position request

When consulted, the Head of the Geology Department gave the opinion that the Geology Librarian position could be filled by a half-time librarian; however, Greg Youngen, currently the Acting Head of the Geology Library, told the division that he could not continue to fill both of his positions on a permanent basis. The EC recognized that it will be very difficult to do a search for a half-time faculty position. The division has proposed a search for a full-time librarian who could also assist with digital projects for PSED, and the EC voted unanimously in favor of the division's proposal. A Search Committee was suggested for the position, and Paula will follow up on it.

D. Circulation position

Betsy Kruger has requested a second permanent professional position in Circulation rather than filling the vacant LOA position. Everyone agreed that the vacancy needs to be filled, but it was unclear at what level of staffing. A faculty versus an academic professional position for Circulation was discussed as well as the possibility that an academic professional would be needed even if there were a second professional position. Paula will discuss Circulation staffing structure and the job responsibilities of the proposed Assistant Circulation Librarian with Betsy Kruger. The EC approved the appointment for an Assistant Circulation Librarian, and Paula will follow up on a Search Committee.

E. Agenda for Faculty Meeting.

The EC discussed the agenda for the upcoming faculty meeting on Sept. 15. Although a report on how the EC makes decisions on filling positions was considered, no additions were made to the agenda. The EC will report on this at a future faculty meeting. The agenda discussion raised again the question of the need for a Staffing Study and the difficulties related to doing a study, such as agreement on minimum levels of service and models of service delivery that would be applicable for all the types of units in the library. It may be prudent to wait for the AUL for Services to define these needs. Paula recommended that the EC formulate what they want in a staffing study in upcoming meetings.

F. Draft Charge for CPC

It was discovered that the draft charge distributed to the EC was not the new draft charge, but the current one, so EC agreed that it should be put on the agenda for the next meeting.

G. Proposal to create permanent faculty position of Kolb-Proust librarian.

This agenda item will be discussed at the next meeting.

III. Old Business

A. Bylaws changes eliminating DUL section and references to DUL.

Bill Maher, as chair of the Bylaws Committee, has been asked to follow up on amending the Bylaws to reflect the current administrative make-up of the Library.

B. Annual reports of standing committees.

Annual reports of standing committees were discussed. Since committees can make budget requests, it was suggested that annual reports should be linked to budget requests and written jointly by the outgoing and incoming chairs. They will report on the academic year, August 21-August 20, and will be due by September 1. A suggestion was made to have a one-page form available for the reports.

C. Reviews of AULs and other senior administrators.

This will be on the agenda for another meeting.

D. Announcements

Margaret Chaplan handed out a document, "EC Staffing Actions, September 1, 1999, to Present" for reference. She asked EC to send her changes and corrections.

Sue Searing has agreed to watch over the Women's Studies Library while Beth Stafford is absent for two months.

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.