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6 November 2000

Present: P. Kaufman (Chair), M. Chaplan, T. Cole, R. Griscom, B. Sandore, S. Searing, M. Stuart, L. Troutman, B. Woodard

I. Approval of the Past Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the October 12, 2000, meeting were approved as revised.

II. Question Time

A. Announcing names of search committee members in LON

The Committee asked that the personnel office be reminded to do this.

B. Status of the spousal hire the EC discussed in September

P. Kaufman has tried unsuccessfully to reach the candidate via telephone, so no action has been taken on this issue. She will send a letter.

C. Search committee for the Southwest Asian Librarian Position

There was discussion of a concern raised regarding the balance of discipline coverage in the composition of the search committee. Also discussed was whether the search should begin before Karen Wei returns from her sabbatical or be postponed until she can chair the search.

III. Old Business

A. Roles of the Executive Committee and the Administrative Council in the Upcoming Budget Process

Paula outlined the submission process. The deadline for budget requests to be submitted to B. Clark is 11/09/00. It was also noted that units need to submit requests for new academic positions separately, using the EC form. At the joint budget meeting on Nov. 17, the Division Coordinators and committee chairs who submit budget requests will have approximately five minutes to give a presentation outlining their budget submission.

The EC and AC will meet separately thereafter and make recommendations regarding budget priorities. A meeting for EC will need to be set for the week after the December 4, 2000, meeting. P. Kaufman reported that she had not heard from campus regarding the budget submission materials (the information had been promised 11/01/00), but she understands that it is supposed to be a shorter process this year.

P. Kaufman stated she wants feedback from EC members on how to make budget preparation a more open process. The EC also requested that the drafts of the budget narrative be distributed as early as possible.

B. Cataloging Policy Committee Charge

The EC reviewed the revised CPC charge. M. Stuart raised the issue of representation on the committee. Units that do a lot of original cataloging, such as Slavic and Rare Books, for example, are not represented. After discussion, the EC approved the CPC charge, with a few editorial changes. The structure and operation of the CPC will be evaluated after a year, and language to that effect will be included in the charge. It will be the responsibility of the CPC to gather the necessary documentation to support retaining the structure as proposed.

IV. New Business

A. Faculty Excellence Positions

P. Kaufman stressed the need to hire more females in faculty excellence positions, and she described a current proposal underway. The EC encouraged Paula to go ahead with this.

B. Policy on Releasing Unit Annual Reports

The EC discussed units publishing annual reports beyond those required by the library. This led to a general discussion of the nature of the library's annual report and the posting of departmental library annual reports on a web site, as well as distribution campus-wide.

C. Election Timing for the Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

Currently, the PTA election is held in mid-March. L. Troutman reported that the PTA and FRC want to move the date forward to December or January so the new members can be integrated into the work at the beginning of the tenure review process. It was determined that changing the election was not a bylaws issue, so the EC agreed to move the election to December. The PTA and the FRC will draft a new promotion and tenure calendar.

D. Discussion of New Online Integrated System Selection Process

The EC discussed how best to provide input into the decision making process for selecting the new online integrated system selection process. The committee is concerned that the needs of ILCSO do not supersede determining what's best for UIUC. Questions like what do we want this system to do, both now and for the future? What are the general system requirements? What should the RFP look like? are all of significance. The EC agreed to ask S. Randall to come to EC and talk about the selection process: time, resources it's going to take, any major concerns she may have. M. Chaplan will invite her to the 11/20/00 meeting.

E. E-mail Signatures

This item will be carried over to the next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.