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Monday, June 4, 2001
1:30 p.m., 428 Library

Present: Paula Kaufman (chair), Margaret Chaplan, Richard Griscom, Beth Sandore, Sue Searing, Mary Stuart, Leslie Troutman

Absent: Tim Cole, Beth Woodard

I. Approval of the Minutes of the May 7, 2001, meeting

The minutes were approved with one correction.

II. Question Time

What does the recently approved state budget mean for the Library? It appears that the IBHE budget has been approved, which means everything except the 3% library materials budget increase and the utility price increase. The Provost indicated to Paula in a conversation a couple of months ago that a serials cancellation project would not be necessary. Paula is hoping to get more budget information at the Deans' Meeting on Wednesday.

Paula will follow up on the request to Bart Clark to investigate the University's policy on religious activities on University property.

III. Old Business

A. Appointment of Coordinator for Information Literacy and Instruction

Bob Burger has requested that the priority for filling this position, heretofore generally referred to as the User Education Coordinator, be moved up. It is a long-standing, library-wide high priority, having been on the Strategic Plan priority list for at least two years. There is a long list of requests that had first priority from the divisions, and it is difficult to make a decision in this matter until the available budget has been determined. Since the library should hear soon about budget figures for next year, it was decided to take no action at this time.

B. Process for Administrators' Evaluations

Paula reported her perception of the administrator evaluation process. From her perspective, the process went fairly well. She didn't get as much input as she would have liked from the library faculty, but she felt the information she received from individual faculty members was mostly useful. Paula asked the Committee for their impressions of the process. Among the topics covered in the discussion were how to determine whether change has taken place; the open-ended format of the faculty input; and the role of the Executive Committee beyond the input opportunity that Committee members have as individual faculty members. It was agreed that the Executive Committee doesn't need to be involved in the evaluation process per se, but the Committee needs to know that the process is effective. Paula said she welcomes feedback and input throughout the year, that the evaluation process is an ongoing discussion.

C. Principles for Changing Assignments

There was discussion about how the principles in Paula's draft document relate to the appeal procedure for administrative problems outlined in the Library By-laws. The principles and the appeal procedures contained in Article IX need to be reviewed in light of the upcoming Provost's committee recommendations for what would constitute proper appeal procedures. It is important to insure that due process be followed. Beth Sandore and Margaret Chaplan agreed to work with Paula on revising the Principles for Changing Assignments document. The questioned of where such a policy should reside was also discussed.

IV. New Business

A. Visiting Committee appointment Names of faculty members for a visiting committee for a new faculty member were recommended.

B. Provost's Salary Study
The Provost reported to the Faculty Advisory Committee on a study of female full professors' salaries that will be done this fall. Currently, the Provost uses a formula including factors such as starting salaries, years in rank, time to promotion, joint appointments, for predicting average salary raises in order to determine whether inequities exist. For faculty members whose salary falls below the predicted amount by more than seven percent, the Provost requires the Dean to provide an explanation. In many cases, the reason is attributable to flaws in the formula. At the recommendation of the Gender Equity Task Force, aconsultant is being hired to look at whether the factors and formulas that are used to generate these data are actually correct. It is important that library faculty salaries are a part of the equity studies.

It would be beneficial for the Executive Committee to be kept apprised, on a regular basis, of salary issues and salary structures within the library. The Committee also voiced a need for good and timely data comparing UIUC library salaries to those at peer institutions and at other academic libraries in the state. It was suggested that Bart Clark be invited to attend a meeting and talk with the group about salaries, salary setting, salary ranges, etc.

V. Pending Items

A. Appointing Members to Library Committees for 2001-2002

Volunteer forms have been received in the Librarian's office and by Margaret Chaplan. The EC will begin work on committee appointments at the next meeting, if possible. The question of whether or not graduate assistants should be allowed to serve on committees was discussed.

B. Opening the Bookstacks to Undergraduates

C. Paperwork Reduction Issues

It was suggested that this be discussed in connection with trying to establish some mechanism for enabling search committees and other committees to have secure websites to post documents. VI. Announcement Paula announced that she is a member of the Search Committee for the new dean of GSLIS. The committee is recruiting aggressively and would welcome names of people. Because Paula will not be able to attend, we will try to reschedule the June 18 meeting for later in the month.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:59 p.m.