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iKive - A Trusted Personal Archive Service

Innovation Fund Report

Chris Prom

August 5, 2014


iKive—A Trusted Personal Archives Service (Proof of Concept)


In April 2012, EC approved 25,822 of funding for the above project, which is full described in the attached cover memo.  In the summer and fall of 2012, Computer Science graduate hourly Vishnu Priya Muthukrishnan worked under my direction to investigate the potential data models and service profiles for the software proposed for development.  In large part, this consisted of installing and testing the Thinkup software tool:


Vishu and I found the software easy to use, and investigated the possibility of using its data model as the basis for a general purpose social network capture mechanism, then building some preservation services on top.  There were a few weaknesses to it at that time, especially the fact that it (1) didn't have its own API, (2)  did not capture photos and uploaded files), and (3) was hard to customize.  As a result of Vishnu leaving the project in December 2012, and the fact I was pulled into ArchivesSpace testing, building a migration tool, and several large projects related to the Archives, I was unable to take the next steps on this project.  Approximately 8,000 of the original allocation having been spent.


At this time, I believe the cards are aligned to restart this project, and to collaborate with two related projects, the social feed manager, being developed by George Washington University (Dan Chudnov) and the EPADD (Email preservation, access, discovery and delivery) project, being led by Stanford.  Therefore, I would like to request an extension to the project, to use the unexpended balance with student and/or contract programmers.