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Library Executive Committee

August 6, 2007

1:30-3:00pm, 428 Library

  1. Review and approval of minutes from July 30
  2. Question Time
  3. Status of FY08 budget
  4. Review of applications for position of Interim Head of Central Access Services
  6. Review of position description for Visiting Archival Operations and Preservation Specialist
  7. Review of draft Guidelines for Appointment and Evaluation of Visiting Academic Professionals and Faculty
  8. Review of effectiveness of peer review committees, to clarify expectations and practices
  9. Process for review of AUL goals

NOTE:  Documents can be found at G:\Executive Committee\Agendas\08-06-2007 Meeting Documents.

Draft minutes can be found at G:\ExecutiveCommittee\Minutes\FY2007Minutes.


Parking Lot:


·         Composition of FRC

·         Sabbaticals and administration of units

·         Encouragement/incentives for Library faculty for working on new initiatives (to be discussed with Janet Keller, and also possibly at a forum or Library faculty meeting)

·         Discussion of proposals submitted to Budget Group for FY08 budget

·         Status of current searches and filling new positions (September/October meeting)

·         New service models-suggestions for creative uses of expertise

·         EC and AC-what is the role of each group

·         Revised Policy Regarding Extended Research Time

·         Revised Proposal for Establishing Guidelines for Evaluation of Visiting Academic Professionals and Faculty in the UIUC Library