Library Committee Handbook

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Agenda

Wed., April 7th
9-10:30 am
Rm. 428

 1.  Budget discussion with Rod Allen
 2.  Approval of the March 8th minutes
 3.  Question Time
 4.  Evaluators for an untenured faculty’s promotion papers
 5.  Two early tenure requests
 6.  Peer Committee appts. for two untenured faculty
 7.  Spousal Hire screening committee update (Bill M.)
 8.  FY05 Budget Planning
 9.  # of Divisions question that arose at a faculty meeting
10. Request to rename the Commerce Library

To Do List

  1. Investigate the PTA statement and other documents on research
  2. Philosophical/Practical Committee Representation Discussion
  3. Issues surrounding centrality
  4. Process for Post-Tenure review
  5. Revisit staff on search committee discussion