Library Committee Handbook

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Agenda

Rm. 428

1. Discussion with the Undergraduate Librarians and Lisa Hinchliffe re: the Undergraduate Instruction position.
2. Approval of the January 12th minutes
3. Question Time
4. Assignment of paper preparer and peer review committee for Paula Watson

To Do:

1.  Discuss the Labor Library faculty needs
2.  Visit by Mary Mallory, Dana and Lisa Romero (scheduled for 2/23)
  to talk about the Diversity Committee Proposal
3.  Investigate the PTA statement and other documents on research
4.  Philosophical/Practical Committee Representation Discussion
5.  Issues surrounding centrality
6.  Discuss the budget group document
7.  Review report on the status of Latin Americans at UIUC
8.  Process for post tenure review