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January 2, 2004
Rm. 428

1.  Approval of the minutes
2.  Question time
3.  Sousa Archives name change request
4.  Faculty position requests
5.  Services advisory committee composition issue (from to do list)
6.  Concern from FRC regarding an untenured faculty member serving as Secretary of the faculty (from to do list)
7.  Single librarian unit (and others) challenges of taking sabbatical (from to do list)

To Do List:

1. Process for post tenure review
2. Have Mary M., Dana, and Lisa R. come to talk about Diversity Committee proposal and the EEOC committee
3. Write a statement that research is a part of our jobs and that all faculty should allocate time for research
4. Discuss Rare Book Task Force report
5.  Invite Lisa Hinchliffe and the Undergraduate librarians to talk about Library Instruction
6.  Issues surrounding centrality