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Diversity Committee 



Diversity Committee MinutesSeptember 14, 2010


Diversity Committee
September 14, 2010
10-11, Room 230b

Present: Emily Love (chair), Paula Carns (note taker), Geoff Ross, Gennye Varvel, Pam Ward, BA Davis-Howe (visiting)

1.      Introductions of committee members. Committee members introduced themselves and explained briefly their interest in serving on the committee. 

2.      August minutes were approved.

  1. Diversity Statement next steps. The committee developed the diversity statement further. Emily will send the proposed statement to the committee via email to get final suggestions. Once the committee is satisfied with the document, Emily will forward it the Library Administrative Committee for comment. The committee will then think about ways of publicizing the statements, such as through fliers and posters.


4.      Fall programming. Traditionally the committee offers a program on diversity issues for the fall semester. This year, based on a suggestion from a library employee, in November, the committee will hold a screening of a short movie that addresses diversity issues (the film has already been selected). To be done: selection of dates (one in the morning, other in the afternoon) and reservation of room (Emily will do both); creation of publicity flier; creation of assessment questionnaire; provision of refreshment (Kim Matherly will order these to be paid for by the committee budget). The committee will discuss the showing more at the October meeting.

5.      Updates and discussion. The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the committee's recent activities/ concerns and bringing the newcomers up-to-speed on them.

Emily informed the group that a session on diversity had been added to the training of the new graduate assistants and seemed to be successful.

One new member asked about the committee's core issues, which various members of the committee described as:

a.       Recruitment and retentions of diverse pool of faculty and staff; as part of these two activities Emily will suggest to EC that diversity issues be included in exit interviews for faculty and staff and will put creating such a questionnaire on the agenda for October meeting; moreover, Emily will look into a training session on recruiting diverse pools for all levels and speak to Beth Woodward, Staff Training and Development Librarian, about folding such a session into the Library's series on supervisory training.

b.       Issues of civility

c.       Awareness of diversity as cultural competency

d.      Diversity is on-going awareness-not just a separate activity

e.       Creation of the diversity statement

Another member asked about the follow-up on the Library's participation in LibQual, which revealed that some of our patrons believe we lack civility and good manner. Emily suggests has those interested in the use of data such as provided in the LibQual survey contact Scott who is organizing a retreat for January 2011 around the recent user surveys.

Emily asked if her two graduate assistants might attend the committee's October meeting and all agreed that this would be permissible.

6.      The committee thanked BA Davis-Howe for his participation and hard work on the committee for the past 4 years. The diversity statement finished, BA is stepping down from the committee.