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Diversity Committee 



Diversity Committee Minutes December 10, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Library Diversity Committee
December 10, 2013
230B Main Library
10:00-11:00 am

Cindy Ingold, Chairing Meeting
Minute taker, Emilie Vrbancic

Present: Cindy Ingold, Erik Chapman, Ellen Swain, Laila Moustafa, Heather Murphy, Qiang Jin, Emilie Vrbancic,
Absent: Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts, Ben Riegler

1. Introduction of New Members

2. Approval of Minutes from October 8th, 2013

3. Introduction to the Committee for New Members

4. Review of Accomplishments to Date

Inclusive Illinois 

Updates to Diversity & Multicultural webpage

How do we market our library diversity services best to students?

5. Meeting with John Wilkin (January 14th)

What should our message be for John as the new Library Dean? What do we want to relay to him?

6. Ongoing Projects: Update

Working with users with disabilities 

Workshop/Training for Library staff on Inclusive Illinois 

Updating Diversity Goals

7. Future Projects

8. Announcements


Next Meeting: January 14, 2013
230B Main Library