Library Committee Handbook

Diversity Committee 



Diversity Committee Minutes September 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Library Diversity Committee
September 10th 2013
10:00-11:00 am

Cindy Ingold, Chairing Meeting
Minute taker, Emilie Vrbancic

Present: Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts , Erik Chapman, Laila Moustafa, Heather Murphy, Ellen Swain, Emilie Vrbancic
Absent: Cindy Kelly

1. Introduction of members

Cindy Ingold- Gender and Women’s Studies and Multicultural Services Librarian; Chair
Barb Trumpinski- ACES Funk Library
Erik Champan- Communications Library
Laila Moustafa - International Area Studies Library
Ellen Swain- Archives Research Center; Library Affirmative Action Officer

Heather Murphy, ex-officio- Library Advancement
Emilie Vrbancic, ex-officio - Graduate Hourly Multicultural Services

2. Term Limits on Committee

3. Verify meeting dates and times

4. Introduction to the Committee

Questions about the Committee? 

5. Brainstorming Goals for Coming Year

Workshops & Training Sessions

Strategic Goals for diversity



6. New Business


7. Announcements

Inclusive Day Wednesday September 25th
Possible Library activities include:  

Next Meeting: October 8th, 2013
Tentative Location: ACES Funk Library, Room: TBA