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Diversity Committee Minutes January 14, 2014

Library Diversity Committee Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2013
230B Main Library
10:00-11:00 am

Present: Cindy Ingold, Erik Chapman, Ellen Swain, Heather Murphy, Qiang Jin, Emilie Vrbancic, Cindy Kelly, Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts, Ben Riegler

Absent: Laila Moustafa

Guest: Dean Wilkin

Chair: Cindy Ingold

Minutes: Emilie Vrbancic

Questions to Dean Wilkin

1. What are your thoughts about the direction the Library Diversity Committee should take?

Dean Wilkin mentioned several issues that he felt were important about the Diversity Committee:

Dean Wilkin asked if there is a need for a larger committee.

2.      Do you have any suggestions for topics/issues that the Library Diversity Committee could address through programs or training?

3.      Do you think the Library should undertake a climate survey at some point?

Additional Comments/Suggestions:

4.      Would you be willing to add a message from the Dean on the Library Diversity Committee page?

5.     All members approved December Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting: Feb 11th

Place: TBA