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Library Diversity Committee Minutes 08 SEP 2009

Library Diversity Committee

Meeting Minutes


September 8, 2009

10-11 a.m.

428 Main Library


Cindy Ingold, Chairing Meeting

Paula Carns, Minute Taker

Present: BA Davis-Howe, Emily Love and Kim Matherly




1. Approval of June 9 minutes--approved


2. September exhibit—Emily

Emily gave an overview of the exhibit on campus centers involved in diversity issues that she hosted in the North-South hallway of the Main Library. On the wallboard are materials sent to Emily from the centers. The amount of information is based on the centers’ contributions. In the cases Emily will place materials about student life. Cindy has offered to help her in this task. Everyone agreed that the exhibit is not only pleasing to look at but very informative (Good job!)


On Sept. 23, 2009 Inclusive Illinois will have a computer station in the Undergraduate Library where people can log their commitment to diversity on campus. Emily will put information about the station in one of the exhibit cases to direct people to it.


Emily asked for help taking down the exhibit.


3. Diversity Training

·    Spring training with LGBT Center Staff—Emily spoke with Ross Wantland of The Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations (OIIR) about diversity training around the ideas of social justice and identity.

·    Possible fall training co-sponsored with Staff Training and Development


Beth Woodward, Staff Development and Training Coordinator, approached Cindy about sponsoring sessions for staff training on diversity issues. Paula Kauffman, University Librarian, mentioned in her State of the Library talk that while the Library has made great strides in addressing diversity issues, there is still much work to be done. The Diversity Committee suggests that Beth and the Committee work with Chad Martinez at the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access for a training session. Chad has designed several workshops and could tailor one for the Library to be given in multiple sessions. Some committee members thought Chad’s exercise of having people describe each other based on obvious signs and link them to cultural concepts might be a useful tool for showing participants that everyone is diverse. Some themes for the session might be the around the questions: “What does diversity mean to you?” or “How does diversity relate to the Library environment?” Possible taglines for publicity are: “diversity means everyone” or “diversity means you.”


Paula Carns is also on the Staff Development and Training Committee and will serve as a liaison between the two committees.


Emily also suggested that the Committee propose inviting Mark Puente, the Director of Diversity Programs at ARL, to visit the Library to discuss diversity issues.   


4. Diversity Statement for the University Library

Cindy suggested that this year the committee craft a diversity statement for the Library. To begin, the committee could look at statements from other libraries and modify them to fit our needs. The statement should address what diversity means at the Library and the Library’s commitment to diversity. Cindy will pull together some statements and send them along for everyone to look over. Emily suggested that we could also draw on the diversity training with Chad. Once the committee has finalized its statement, we will send it to AC for vetting, host some brown bag discussions, and post it on our website for comment and feedback.  


5. Future meetings:  

Taking part in ClimQual; see Cindy suggested that we devote a meeting to this idea and work with the Library Assessment Working Group.

Priorities for diversity at University Library—not discussed specifically

Working Groups

Strategic Plan Updated next year—include diversity goal  


Next Meeting:              October 13, 2009

                                   Emily Chairing meeting

                                   BA taking minutes