Library Committee Handbook

Diversity Committee 



Diversity Committee Minutes June 8, 2010



Library Diversity Committee



309 ACES Library

June 8th, 2010

10-11 a.m.


Present: Cindy Ingold, chair, Emily Love, Paula Carns, B.A. Davis-Howe, Gennye Varvel

Absent: Cindy Kelly, Kim Matherly



  1. Approval of May 11th minutes

Minutes were approved with changes.



  1. Follow Up from First Cookie Break:


Some of the issues that came up at the Cookie Break were:

Who is the statement directed at?   Where is the statement going?  Is the statement for the Committee or the Library?  Other/future groups should be included in the statement.  B.A. suggested the term "gender identity and expression" could be included.  It was suggested that the term "including, but not limited to" should be included in the statement.  Someone in attendance stated that the Committee should give an update on the Diversity Strategic Goals to the staff and faculty.



  1. Summer Program

We cannot use 66 Library after 6 p.m. unless we want to hire more security.  Emily has booked room 101 Armory for the possible dates of July 20, 21, and 22.  Those dates are a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  The consensus is that Wednesday is probably a better day for people to attend.  Emily will look at booking the room for July 28 at 6 p.m., as the other dates did not fit the committee member's schedules.  She will check into getting a fruit plate and send out a "save the date" email with a map to/of the Armory.



4.      Updates:

Emily will send out an email to the Committee about a short film.  It is a ten minute film on YouTube.  We could present it in a Cookie Break forum.  B.A. suggested that we show short films during the year and then show 1 to 2 feature films next summer.  We will start with showing one short film possibly in September to see how it goes and then show others in the future.  We will advertise the short at the film showing in July.


Vanessa Biggers has declined membership.  Lewis Chatman is waiting to make a decision, but Cindy Ingold told him that EC needs to know now.  Cindy I. will ask Kim Matherly if anyone else is interested in joining the Committee.  B.A. will ask Stuart Albert in Central Access Services, if he would be interested in joining the Committee.


Emily and Cindy I. have not discussed anything with Scott Walter about the Retreat.  Cindy stated that it seems that the Retreat is moving away from the diversity component to an assessment component to discuss Clim Qual results.






Next Meeting:  June 8th, 2010

                                    Emily Love, chairing meeting