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August 21, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Cataloging Working Group Meeting

April 14, 2011


Present: Gail Hueting (Presiding); Patricia Rosario (Minutes); Manisha Bhagwat, Diana Eynon, Barb Henigman, Robin Hess, Muzhgan Nazarova, Michael Norman, Jianying Shou, Gennye Varvel, Janet Weber, and Lin Yang.


 1) Gail Hueting called the CWG meeting to order at 9:42 a.m.

 2) The minutes of the December meeting have been mislaid. As

    soon as we locate them, they will be sent out.

 3) Starting this month, the University of Illinois Library will

    be upgrading Connexion Client. We will be required to update

    to version 3.0 by November 1.

    Enhancements to Connexion Client will include links to

    the RDA toolkit, display and search results, and an option

    to allow exported work forms. In addition, the 029 field

    will now be at the bottom of the record instead of the top.

 4) Enhancements to Dewey 23 will be coming in May.

 5) Last month, the University of Florida Smathers Libraries

    implemented a policy to dedicate all of their original

    cataloging records to the public domain, using the Creative

    Commons public  domain dedication CC0.

 6) NACO training is scheduled for next week and the week after


 7) Last month, the UIUC Literature and Languages Library

    converted approximately 40,000 items from Dewey to LC.

 8) In a few weeks, we will start retrospectively converting

    approximately 160,000 volumes in the Undergraduate Library

    to LC. Our goal is to have all of the volumes converted by

    the end of the summer.

 9) The implementation group will propose that we catalog all

    new material coming in with Library of Congress numbers. We

    will not retrospectively convert everything.

    There is also discussion about having one contiguous

    shelflist for the Asian Library’s collection.

10) The Classics Library will still be using Dewey.

11) Next week, staff from the cataloging unit in the Asian

    Library will move into Room 220. We already have space

    designated for them.

    There is a large backlog of Asian and Persian materials

    in Room 338, and we’re investigating outsourcing these


12) We have started planning a retirement party for Gail

    Hueting, our Principal Cataloger, and we will send

    information out to the library soon.

13) The meeting was adjourned at 10:42 a.m.


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