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May 14, 2009 Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Attending: Qiang Jin(chair); Stephanie Baker, Martha Degutis, Fang Gao , MJ Han, Barb Henigman ,Eleanor Hornbacker, Robert Howerton, Gail Hueting,  Mark Lindner, Jane Menkhaus, Michael Norman, Kristin Palmer (minutes) Janet Weber,  Helen Zhou

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 by Qiang Jin.

1.       GWG meeting minutes of February 12 th

a.       Gail Hueting motioned to change the bullet point beginning with "Members with full-level authorization..." located before item number 6 to "During the Expert Community Experiment from February to August, 2009 members..."

b.      The motion to change the minutes was accepted.

c.       The revised meeting minutes of February 12 th were approved.

2.       Metadata Introduction by MJ Han

a.       Upcoming metadata workshops announced to take place the first and second week of June:

                    i.      Friday, June 5 th  from 10:30-12:00pm - Library and Metadata presented by Michael Norman

                    ii.     Wednesday, June 10 th from  2:00 to 3:30pm - Metadata Standards Intro I - MODS and Dublin Core presented by Sarah Shreeves an MJ Han

                     iii.   Friday, June 12 th from 10:30 to 12:00pm - Metadata Standards Intro II - EAD and VRA Core presented by Adriana Cuervo and Amy Jackson

b.      The workshops will be an introduction to metadata standards, addressing a brief history of metadata, domain user group, sample records, and special characteristics of different metadata standards depending on the type of object

c.       Look for more technical metadata workshops in the Fall that will cover the use of tools such as marcedit and xml

d.      Gail Hueting suggests that the more technical workshops include hands-on training if possible to apply what is learned

e.      The use of room 314 was suggested as well as follow-up practice and review opportunities after the workshop to keep what is learned at the workshop fresh in our minds

f.        MJ Han requests feedback in terms of interest and topics the workshops should address

g.       MJ Han also requests feedback on the documentation section of the Metadata website:

3.       Worldcat Local update by Michael Norman

a.       Over the summer music, slavic, and gov docs will be added to the cam webpage

b.      Micheal encourages all to give feedback and attend workshops announced by MJ

c.       OCLC announced that the release of worldcat local will be over the summer.  We partnered with OCLC for worldcat local and as subscribers we will automatically have access

d.      This preliminary version of worldcat local will sift UIUC holdings to the top and then display the rest not including consortium holdings

e.      The pilot of worldcat local had sifted UIUC to top of the search results, displaying CARLI  results next and then the rest of worldcat holdings.

f.        We are working to correct our current holdings in preparation for the summer release.

g.       Currently, vendors do not allow records to be uploaded into OCLC.  OCLC is working with them to allow access to those records for schools that have purchased subscriptions

h.      Currently, worldcat local searches all data bases at once, making it slower.

i.         Micheal Norman encourages all to look at worldcat local ( He requests feedback and comments

4.       OCLC Enhance update by Gail Hueting

a.       We learned from OCLC that we do not have enhanced status for books

b.      Submitting an application to have enhanced status for books requires 15 example records of our best work.  We should include Asian and Slavic records as they are our strengths

c.       If you have a record you think you did a particularly good job on, please submit it to Gail by mid-June.

d.      The documentation is located here:

5.       Bib notification service by Qiang Jin

a.       Bib notification review procedure draft revised as of May 12 th, 2009 reflects changes suggested by Alvan Bregman

b.      2 test loads were completed and most were better than what we had in the database

c.       Bib notification service will begin on Monday June 1 st, 2009

d.      Mark Lindner suggested that a note should be added to the draft regarding the course of action to take if a situation arises where you are unable to complete a file in one sitting.

e.      If you do not have access to CWG folder on G: drive, ask systems to add you

6.       Voyager 7 by Qiang

a.       Casey Sutherland's slides introducing some the changes are located here:

b.       i.e.  search default customization, ability to validate of ISBN and ISSN numbers, ability to pick and scan to suppress/unsuppress bibs and/or holdings, ability to move directly from Item or holding record to bib record, and ability to move directly from Item or holding record to bib record

c.       CARLI will hold two web based sessions addressing Voyager 7 changes on June 2 nd and 8 th from 2-3:30pm. Both will cover identical material so you only need to register for one session. The PowerPoint slides for these presentations will be made available online next week.

d.      The Target date for the change is June 15 th-17 th

7.       Announcements

a.       Mark Lindner will be attending the Ethics of Information Organization conference in Milwaukee and will be able to give a 5min summary about it at the next meeting


The meeting adjourned at 10:24am


Minutes Submitted by: Kristin Palmer 

Version4.0   5/18/2009