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September 11, 2008 Meeting Minutes


Qiang Jin (Chair), Stephanie Baker, Atoma Batoma, Andrew Bendel, Richard Burbank,Christopher D. Cook, Fang Gao, David Griffiths, Barb Henigman, Susan Hill, Eleanor Hornbacker, GailHueting, Ruby Jahr, Mark Lindner, Jane Menkhaus, Setsuko Noguchi, Fung Simpson, Gennye Varvel,Julie Watkins, Helen Zhou.

Bibliographic Record Notification

In October 2008, OCLC's Bibliographic Record Notification service could be implemented at UIUC. When a record in WorldCat is upgraded from minimum to full level cataloging or when field 505 is upgraded to include the use of $r and $t for author names and titles of chapters, respectively, that upgraded record in OCLC will overlay the corresponding record in the UIUC catalog. Other changes to records in OCLC will not trigger the replacement of UIUC records. This service will only affect UIUC records added since March 2005. Inserting $d UIU at the end of the 040 field will prevent a record from being overlaid.

CARLI will back up each record added since March 2005 as insurance against any unanticipated effects the service might have.

A draft handout entitled " Loading Bib Notification Records" spelling out these and other details was distributed.

Cataloging Working Group (CWG) web page

In order to improve communication within the Group, Helen has redesigned the CWG web site and is seeking the Group's feedback on it. The page may be viewed at, but is not yet live. Elements she has added for each meeting include its time and location, the agenda, and links to documents that will be discussed. The page will also incorporate the Group's membership and charge, reports it has issued, cataloging tools, training documents, and non-print items, such as the audio file for the Next Gen Catalog Forum of May 14, 2008. In time, documents of the Cataloging Policy Advisory Committee and the Cataloging Policy Committee, which preceded the CWG, will be added.

At this point, Qiang noted that the CWG charge and membership will be discussed during the next Working Group meeting. Please send comments on the charge to Qiang.

Cataloging training

Gail asked the Group to think about areas in which UIUC catalogers need training. She is providing training to new GAs each Tuesday from 2:00-3:00 pm. Others are welcome, but please notify Gail in advance. The session on Tuesday, September 16 will focus on WebDewey.

Resource Description and Access (RDA) will be adopted in 2010, and we can utilize state and national training materials if the Library elects to implement RDA.

A question was raised about requests for Voyager accounts. Please continue to send these via the Voyager web page to Gail, who will review them.

Formatted contents notes

Gail read the draft policy on the use of formatted notes in field 505 and the Group voted unanimously to approve it. ‡t in this field is indexed in Voyager. Jon Gorman has additional information about the searchability of subfields in field 505. Motion passed.

ALA 2008 Annual Conference update

Qiang is Chair-elect of ALCTS Cataloging and Classification Section from 2008-2009. She reported on the RDA timeline. From October 2008 to mid-January 2009, the draft will be reviewed. Immediately afterward, the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA) will assess the final draft and issue a report on it. From June to December 2009, 20 libraries, including the Library of Congress, will implement RDA. This will serve as a test.

Gail reported on the CARLI forum on technical service workflows and offered to make copies of handouts from the forum upon request.

Non-Latin script data in name authority records

Qiang commented in detail on the use of non-Latin scripts in the 4XX fields, where they function as references to 1XX fields. This began July 13, 2008. Languages currently being used in this project include Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean.

CD prefixes and labels

Richard brought a question regarding prefixes to the group. The Music Library would like to replace the prefix, 'CDISC', with 'CD', which is more meaningful to users (several Group members agreed that 'CDISC' is no longer a desirable prefix). In fact, the Music Library would like to use 'CD' for all types of optical discs. Is the Group's approval of this change required?

John Wagstaff would like to make this change for all Music Library holdings without simultaneously relabeling every corresponding item on which 'CDISC' currently appears.

Stephanie noted that this could affect Voyager reports. Someone else noted that changing the labels by using whiteout may be problematic because this product will not adhere to the label permanently. Susan Hill expressed concern about the potential impact of these changes on items located in the Main Stacks.


Submitted by David Griffiths