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November 13, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Qiang Jin (Chair), David Griffiths, Ruby Jahr, Marek Sroka, Andy Bendel, Michael Norman, Fung Simpson, Julie Watkins, Mark Lindner, Kevin McLaughlin, Gennye Varvel, Janet Weber, Gail Hueting, Barb Henigman

1. Minutes from the September 11, 2008 meeting were approved.

2. Authority Control Maintenance and VUFind, etc.    

Michael discussed the options and importance of providing authority control for the Voyager database and gave a brief demonstration of the two "next generation" catalog interfaces that are currently in beta testing.

WorldCat Local - CARLI is currently testing WorldCat Local.  UIUC is participating in the test.  There are some issues currently with searching - especially with slowness due to the fact that this interface searches all CARLI libraries at once to bring back results.  Also, in order for this interface to be an effective searching tool, all holdings must be represented in OCLC (WorldCat).  Currently UIUC has about 500,000 holdings in Voyager that are not reflected in WorldCat.    It is possible that this interface will be put out on the main Library web page for a public beta test next semester

VUFind is the other interface currently in beta.  Users can now see and use it from the main Library page.   Also available are use search tips that will help users understand the possible searching mechanisms.  There is also an FAQ on the CARLI website.

Both of these interfaces provide opportunities to "facet" to other searches and categories, opportunities to link directly to digitized materials, and opportunities to link to other search engines such as Google Books.  These interfaces eliminate the need to search individual databases and resources separately.    However, in order for this type of advanced searching to be effective, we must have a structure in place to provide ongoing authority control for our data.  Michael has begun investigating ways to put this structure in place.  One alternative is to outsource the authority control process. 

Backstage is one company that has presented possible options to UIUC.  They would be able to match headings in the Voyager database with the LC Authority databases for 3 cents per record.  They would potentially be able to deal with all types of headings (name, subject, series) as well as help with fixed field and 006 updating.  

Other possible alternatives are to provide time and staff to complete authority control "in house".  Currently UIUC does not have an authority control unit within Technical Services.  There are also some local tools which could be used by current staff.

Michael asked that the topic of authority control be put on the next meeting agenda so the group can discuss options and solutions to this issue.

3.  Google Books

Michael also gave a brief update on the Google Books project.  UIUC's participation in this CIC project has been pushed back.  Hopefully we will be able to begin participation in the actual scanning project in 2 years.  In the meantime, we need to work on database clean-up and finish replacing the rest of the "marcettes" in Voyager.  The Google project has given money for cataloging projects.  Michael will call a meeting to discuss possible cataloging projects.

4.  CWG charge and membership

Qiang presented a revised charge for the Cataloging Working Group.  The new charge updates the group from its previous iteration as the OPAC Records Working Group.   David Griffiths moved that the group accept the new charge as presented, Gail Hueting seconded the motion.  The new charge was approved.  The list of members will be revised to include new participants and remove people that have left.

5. Series

Gail presented the new policy for transcribing series as adopted by LC and PCC on October 24.  This new policy makes the 440 field obsolete and requires 490 1 be used for describing series statement and 830 be used for tracing the series statement.  UIUC will follow the new policy for original cataloging, including derived records.  Central Cataloging will not take the time to make any changes in series statement to copy brought into Voyager from OCLC.  OCLC is currently investigating retrospective clean-up.  There is also now an OCLC macro that libraries can also use to make the switch to existing records one at a time.

6. OCLC's policy for the use and transfer of WorldCat records

The group briefly discussed OCLC's new policy on the use of WorldCat records.  This policy is currently under discussion at OCLC, and will not likely impact the way UIUC and CARLI use WorldCat records.  The new policy has potential impact for the commercial use of WorldCat records, but most non-commercial use is still ok.  OCLC hopes to implement the new policy sometime next year.  CWG will follow this discussion as it evolves.

7. Announcements

Gail announced that the full draft of RDA will be posted for comment beginning on Nov. 17.  The draft will be posted in PDF format.  Watch for e-mails regarding the posting and access to this document.  Qiang will let people know how to send comments if they are interested in doing so.

The next CWG meeting will be December 11, 2008.


Submitted by Barb Henigman