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May 17, 2007 Meeting Minutes

1. Announcements (Naun, 5 min.)

Stephanie Baker has been able to resume global cataloging changes in Voyager with Batch Cat. Future projects will address OPAC messages and data cleanup. (See below, agenda item #6.)

Naun will be leaving UIUC in July; K.C. will be leaving in June.

2. Future of Bibliographic Control meeting (Gail, Mark, et al., 20 min.)

Gail and Mark presented a summary of the second meeting of the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control ("Structures and Standards") that took place in Chicago on May 9 th:

Mark's blog ("Off the Mark") presents a useful summary of and helpful reflections on the meeting and its presenters, and it incorporates the meeting notes of GSLIS faculty member Kathryn La Barre:

Michael expressed his excitement about the discussions taking place between the RDA and Dublin Core groups and hopes that LC will provide open access to their authority file and subject headings online. He also reaffirmed his comments at the forum-that our local digitization projects are dramatically enhancing bibliographic access to our "hidden" collections.

Naun noted that Dewey is working to convert the Dewey editorial system to MARC format, which is potentially a first step toward making the classification available as a web service, and that OCLC is considering distributing FRBR work sets. He suggested that the CWG might consider forming a planning committee to organize separate sessions in the future to discuss these sorts of larger issues.

3. Coding for tables of contents notes (Richard, 15 min.)

Richard gave a presentation regarding fully coded 505 contents notes. He suggested that, with most users searching for "any word, anywhere," the time investment required in providing fully coded 505 notes is probably not rewarded. At the Music Library, they have found success with unformatted contents notes, combined with 700 added entries for the controlled forms of any authors' names appearing in the 505 field. He also emphasized the usefulness of including hyperlinks in the 856 field to related information at publishers' sites.

As a point of clarification, CARLI recommendations would seem to encourage full coding of 505's, but these are really just "best practice" guidelines for how the coding should be implemented, if it is desired.

Gail and Richard will work on a document describing different kinds of tables of contents notes and providing some recommendations for local practice.

4. Serial MFHD notes (Susan, 15 min.)

Susan distributed a draft of the recommendations from the Serial MFHD Notes Group. The draft is open for a public comment. [The following is paraphrased from Susan's announcement to LIBCAT-L:] The document is 4 pages long, and consists of 4 sections: general recommendations; title-level events and recommendations; copy-level events and recommendations; and recommendations for retrospective cleanup

In general, the group proposes that free-text notes be eliminated when standard data in the record convey the needed information to users, but there are exceptions.

Post comments to the CAM forum or email

5. Gift notes (Naun, 5 min.)

Technical Services is asking CDC to provide guidelines clarifying the circumstances in which gift notes with the donor's name will be included in the catalog.

6. Coding for retrospective conversion records (Naun, 10 min.)

This is now underway, with the help of Stephanie Baker. Going forward, Batch Cat. will also be helpful with catalog maintenance of preservation notes, S. collection call numbers, URLs, etc.

7. Analytics/Cat-as-sep., class together (Naun, 5 min.)

Naun suggests the formation of a CWG working group to provide documentation and recommendations regarding analytics-or "cat.-as-sep., class together." The recommendations might address such issues as "when to analyze?" and how to prioritize the systematic conversion of our old linked records.

8. Future CWG business (Discussion, 15 min.)

With a view toward Naun's departure, the value of the CWG meetings was strongly affirmed, and the good idea of holding additional forums for bigger picture issues will also be considered. (See above, agenda item #2.) For questions concerning day-to-day work, there are new contact forms available through the Cataloging website:

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 20, 9:30-11:00.

Submitted by K.C. Coe and Janet Weber
May 29, 2007