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December 18, 2006 Meeting Minutes

1. Introduction (Naun Chew).

Naun noted that OCLC had nearly finished reloading holdings in WorldCat based on actual records in our OPAC. He reminded the group that the meetings of cataloging staff held at 10:30 on Mondays were open to interested catalogers.

2. Cataloguing web site (Helen Zhou).

Helen introduced the web site being designed to bring together information relevant to cataloging in the Library. Comments are solicited on the version that can be accessed at: This currently displays best on Firefox and IE6 browsers, but IE7 browsers should soon be supported. It was suggested that links be established with departmental cataloging sites and/or documentation.

3. Bib notification & tables of contents (Naun Chew)

Naun provided an update on the OCLC Bib. Notification process, which involves the overlay of records in our catalog with upgraded versions of these records. Usually the upgrades involve tables of contents or subject headings. Of the records received to date, about one-quarter are rejected because the 040 $d has a "UIU" entry. This procedure prevents the unwanted overlay of records that local catalogers have already reviewed. However, most of the rejections were due to OCLC retrospective conversion records being coded globally with a 040 $d UIU. Speakers from Rare Books and the Asian Library advised that it was important from their perspective to continue the conservative implementation of the process. Music had been concerned about music score records, but so far those received for overlay had not been problematic. Naun said that the process was being monitored closely and that he would continue to keep the group informed.

4. Local copy notes (Janet Weber & Chris Cook)

Janet and Chris had circulated a document "Copy-specific notes", dated 11 December 2006 (see attached), proposing that such notes be placed in the MFHD, using fields including 561, 562 and 563. This would be particularly efficient when the Library holds more than one copy of the same bibliographical entity. In addition, such notes are immune from overlay in the I-SHARE catalog. However, in some cases it is still appropriate to provide tracings in the bibliographic record.

Michael Norman MOVED and Barb Henigman seconded a motion that the recommendations in the document be adopted. The motion was APPROVED by voice vote without dissent.

Janet and Chris will prepare an information sheet about the form and purpose of these notes for use by Library catalogers.

5. Call number language codes (Gail Hueting)

Gail spoke to the document "Additions to translation letters" (14 Dec. 2006, see attached) which had been circulated by email prior to the meeting. In forming Dewey call numbers, language codes are specified in the Library's document "Language Letters for Translated Works", which can be found in the CWG folder on the G: drive. Where a language code is needed that is not on that list, the 3-letter LC MARC code for the language should be used.

Gail Hueting MOVED and Michael Norman seconded a motion that the recommendations in the document be adopted. The motion was APPROVED by voice vote without dissent

6. Serial MFHD notes (Fang Gao)

Fang spoke to the document "Serial MFHD Notes: Proposed Charge", which was circulated at the meeting. A group consisting of Susan Braxton, Fang Gao, Kathleen Kern, Naun Chew, with input from Maria Porta, was proposed to re-examine the practice and placement of notes in serial MFHD records. Suggestions were made also to examine fields in the bib record that could be used for information that had previously been put in MFHD notes, and to investigate the issue of searching MFHD fields. The group was established with these additions to the proposed charge. A revised charge will be sent for information to the CWG.

7. Retrospective conversion records (Naun Chew)

See update on the forum at

Naun spoke about the possibility of identifying and tagging records chosen during the Mellon retrospective cataloging project. Wording may be used along the lines of: "The catalog description for this book may not match the actual item. For assistance please contact a reference librarian." Follow-up on this issue is of special interest to the RBML and Asian libraries.

8. Staff client searching (Naun Chew)

Naun was investigating how to simplify the confusing number and kind of searches which were available (but not always well understood or used) through staff clients. He intends to call a meeting to consult on the matter with relevant users.

10. Other business

Shuyong Jiang from the Asian Library asked for an update on the recently held CARLI session on MFHDs. Naun has provided the URL for material used at the session: