Library Committee Handbook


Customer Services Working Group


CSWG Session 20 OCT 2008

Providing excellent customer services to the wide variety of people who use library services, both internally and externally, is an important part of what we do every day. The staff Development and Training Committee is committed to creating and offering appropriate training that would help staff improve this skill set. Discrete workshops on customer service skills have been offerned in the past, but have not been connected to each otehr and their impact has not been assessed. By creating an overall customer service improvement plan to establish the standards expected of our servcice, and the mechanisms for determining how well these stndards are met, the Library can meet its strategic goal of Expanding Our Service Orientation. Specifically, this addresses Action 1.B.1 to Establish, implement, and assess a core, uniform set of service expectations, competencies, and documentation for library personnel. It also addresses the need to expand Goal I.A. Assessing Service Quality to getting more specific feedback for particular service points.


      Results of our Collaborative Working Meeting, October 20, 2008 at Grainger Library Commons


      Tina Chrzastowski
      Susie Duncan
      JoAnn Jacoby
      Chris Johns
      Debora Pfeiffer
      Susan Schnuer (co-chair)
      Peggy Steele
      John Wagstaff
      Beth Woodard (co-chair)