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Pradip Kumar Upadhyay


Pradip Kumar Upadhyay

Rural Library and Information Systems in India: Development and Challenges
Head of the Library, National Center, New Delhi
  Copyright ©  Pradip Kumar Upadhyay. Used with permission.
  star  Date of Speech - December 5, 2002.
  star  Length of Speech - 26 min
  star  Listen now: - Click here   (in Real® format)

Pradip Kumar Upadhyay  is a Fullbright Visiting Scholar from India at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois and Scientist and Head of the Library, National Informatics Center in New Delhi.

About the Presentation:

India lives in villages. As per 2001 census of India report, 72.21% of the Indian population is rural. Leaving for a moment the illiterate population of India, we may think of the 65.38% literate population which itself is larger than the total population of United States. It is therefore but natural that for development of India rural development is very vital.

Pradip Kumar Upadhyay will consider the development of rural community in India and the role of government and public libraries. The modernization of information networks using information technology through the National Informatics Center.


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