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Dan Traister

Dan Traister Photo Dan Traister

Instructor Department of English
University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia
Copyright ©  Dan Traister. Used with permission.
star  Date of Speech - November 14, 2002.
star  Length of Speech - 1 hr 20 min
star  Listen now: - click here   (in Real® format)

The Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities Reading Group is a co-sponsor of this Fall 2002 Colloquium. Dr. Dan Traister is Instructor in the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia..

About the Presentation:

In theory, society values printed books highly. Large research libraries valorize them by creating increasingly huge temples for their storage and use. But, then they either sit like lumber on library shelves or move to offsite storage facilities where they are place out of anyone's way.

Dr. Traister will consider a specific --and he hopes, exemplary --instance of a writer, trying to assess not only reasons for that writer's neglect, but also some of the consequences of such neglect for libraries.

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