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Sarah Pritchard

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Sarah Pritchard

Which guardians, whose culture? Feminist thinking, libraries, and information.
Copyright © Sarah Pritchard. Used with permission.
Date of Speech - March 25, 1999.
Length - 94 minutes.
Format - RealAudio®

Sarah M. Pritchard, Director of Libraries - Smith College, will take a look at how the women's movement and the development of women's studies in the 1970s led to an outpouring of new ways to look at historical and literary evidence, archival documentation and public information services, and at how that in turn led to the burgeoning of feminist thinking in librarianship. This way of thinking about resources and about access to information has continuing relevance as we deal with interdisciplinary scholarship, emerging disciplines, and the explosion of electronic information. The links between women's studies and librarianship are revealing at another level as well, as feminist librarians work to resolve employment, equity and national policy issues that affect library workers and patrons. Is this movement over, as some suggest? Ms. Pritchard will conclude with some suggestions for the future agenda in library services and feminist studies. Information from original announcement of lecture.

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