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Sally H. McCallum

Sally H. McCallum

Sally H. McCallum

Control and Access Futures
Copyright ©  Sally H. McCallum. Used with permission.
star  Date of Speech - May 2, 2002.
star  Length of Speech - 1 hr. 20 min
star  Listen now: Click here  (in Real® format)

The Library Access Task Force for Electronic Resources is a co-sponsor of this Spring 2002 Colloquium.
Sally H. McCallum Roy is the Chief of the Network Development and MARC Standards Office at the Library of Congress.

About the Presentation:

With the explosion of networked resources, what is the role of the traditional integrated catalog? How can MARC help? What other tools are needed?
McCallum will discuss the catalog, cataloging of electronic resources, and describe the possible future of MARC, Dublin Core and other tools.


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