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Salvador Güereña

Salvador Guerena Photo

Salvador Güereña

Delivering or dabbling?
Diversity initiatives at the University of California, Santa Barbara
Copyright © Salvador Güereña. 
star Date of Speech - to be held on April 18, 2001.
star Length of Speech - 1 hr. 16 minutes.
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Salvador Güereña  currently is Director of the California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives, in the Davidson Library of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

About his talk:

Mr. Güereña will provide his perspectives into the challenges and opportunities in effecting positive change through diversity initiatives in a university library setting.

He will draw on his experience and involvement in a variety of programs undertaken at the UC Santa Barbara Library. Ethnic and gender studies libraries, minority librarian fellowships, librarian-faculty partnerships, the ethnic and multicultural archives, affirmative action policies, cultural diversity committees. Do such programs work? Have they made any difference in the university community and within the library organization? These and other diversity issues and topics will be explored in this talk.Sometimes words have a way of escaping from us and in that process they change meaning. These new meanings express new and different realities of looking at identities, be they ethnic, sexual or personal. How to capture these identities in our work, whether virtual or real, is one of our challenges as librarians.

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